Case of Edible Rice Flour Drinking Straw Making Machine from Iran

2020-07-22 10:51:02

Edible Rice Flour Drinking Straw Making Machine is a new generation of extruder developed and manufactured by our company with the latest domestic and foreign advanced technology. Its core production technology is modern extrusion technology. Because the raw material is food, this straw is safe and pollution-free of. Once this equipment is sold, it has won unanimous praise from customers. A few days ago, we reached a cooperation agreement with an Iranian company.

Edible rice noodle straw making machine

Compared with ordinary straws, Edible Rice Flour Drinking Straw Making Machine has unique process, reasonable configuration, high degree of automation, stable performance, environmental protection and no pollution. It can also be eaten directly after use. The straw produced by the Rice noodle straw production line lasts for two to three hours in hot drinks and longer in cold drinks. After tasting, the straws are crispy and have a taste like rice crispy rice.

Advantages of Edible Rice Flour Drinking Straw Making Machine:

1. World-class food-grade accessories.
2. All machines and accessories can be customized.
3. Equipped with frequency converter to control the speed.
4. High working efficiency and high degree of automation.
5. Suitable for bending straight pipes made of plastic, paper, etc.
6. Automatically count and display on the touch screen during the production process.
7. The machine will automatically stop after finishing the production batch processing, which is convenient for manual bagging.
8. Friendly man-machine interface, automatic shutdown and alarm when the machine fails.
9. Low land occupation, power consumption, labor cost and low waste rate.
10. Various configurations and capacity options, production factors can be quantified and controlled.

Edible rice noodle straw

Edible Rice Flour Drinking Straw Making Machine uses flour, corn starch, tapioca starch, potato starch, potato whole-wheat flour, etc. as raw materials. It is made into blanks of various sizes by a twin-screw extruder, and then dried to form a smooth surface and a realistic shape. The straws; our unit screw combination technology and precise control of the production process enable you to have a wider selection of raw materials, higher product quality and more varieties. One Edible straw making machine can complete the processes of mixing, kneading, cooking and extrusion.

Edible rice noodle straw making equipment has the same appearance as ordinary plastic straws. The surface of the straw is smooth, hard and tough. Compared with ordinary plastic straws, it can be eaten directly and has a crispy taste. You can also adjust the raw materials and make straws of different colors. And can be completely degraded, more ecologically friendly, can replace plastic straws.

Iranian customers visit

After some conversation and negotiation, Iranian customers bought three Rice noodle straw extruders. They are also very interested in other equipment in our factory, such as snack food machine, soy protein machine, artificial rice machine, fried snack machine, etc. And said that if necessary, we will contact us as soon as possible, and we have reached a very friendly cooperative relationship.

Rice noodle straw machine has been exported to dozens of foreign countries and filled the gap of domestic edible straw production equipment. It is an excellent choice for your investment equipment. Our company is responsible for on-site installation and commissioning and imparting related production technology. If you have some requirements, please contact us as soon as possible!