Cost Of Industrial Hot Air Popcorn Production And Flavoring Line

 Loyal is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial hot air popcorn production lines, industrial popcorn popper,automatic oil popcorn sifters, industrial popcorn sifters, automatic popcorn wrappers, automatic flavoured popcorn wrappers and hot air popcorn sifters.
1.Support to add more popcorn machines and caramelizers directly to enlarge the capacity, this line is fully automatic for popcorn production and coating. 
2.It is highly cost-effective, suitable for popcorn factory who need 200-290kg/h output caramel or chocolate popcorn and will enlarge their output in the future.

Industrial Hot Air Popcorn Production And Flavoring Line

Equipment Of Line

Equipment Function

Corn Feeding Machine

One Corn Feeding Machine With Two Feeding Hoppers, Applied To Optic Sensor, High Cost Effective, And Hidden Circuit, Safer And Easier To Clean.

Hot Air Popcorn Machine

Easy To Adjust Production Capacity With Two Hot Air Popcorn Machine, Besides, The Most Important Part Is This Machine Comes With Cooling And Filtering Popcorn Function, Economizing On Electricity.

Popcorn Feeding Machine

Hidden Convey To Protect Popcorn From Dust. Hidden Circuit, Safer And Easier To Clean.

Pre-Melting Tank

Easy To Inhale Materials ( Caramel, Chocolate…) With Fully Enclosed Pre-Melting Tank, Safter And Health.

Active Feeding Bin

Equipped With High Quality And Accurate Senors On Location, Volume And So On. It Could Be Lengthened According To Your Needs.

Large Size Caramelizer

Equipped With Automatic Kettle-Dumping And Self-Clean System. Energy Saving.

Elevator And Conveyor

Easy To Clean. Made Of Food Grade Sus304 Stainless Steel, Healthier Than Plastic Type.

Cooling And Separating Machine

The Rotating Speed Can Be Adjusted According To Your Needs. Easy To Clean, High Capacity.

Industrial Popcorn Machine

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Why Choose Shangdong Loyal Industrial Co.,ltd. Industrial Popcorn Machine?

Shangdong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a professional food machinery manufacturer that has been in the popcorn food production line for over ten years. Our industrial popcorn machines are produced with full automation and are highly efficient. As a professional manufacturer of industrial popcorn machines, our new popcorn machines are designed with good manufacturing processes. The industrial popcorn machine can be made from corn to make different flower-shaped and round caramel popcorn for sale.

Popcorn production line as a new generation of puffed food studied by the emerging products in the country to replace a - batch of semi-automatic popcorn production equipment, equipment from feeding to packaging can be completed in one go. Solve the equipment blasting volume is low, can not be continuous production, product instability, and other unstable production factors. Popcorn can be made in various flavors, including strawberry, matcha, chocolate, and many others. Popcorn tastes fragrant and crispy, and the more you eat, the better it smells, not greasy at all. People like to eat this snack.
The industrial popcorn production line can choose from a wide range of models, flexible equipment configuration, a wide range of raw materials, a wide range of products, simple operation.

With the continuous development of the puffed food industry, puffed food has been global internationalization, more and more puffed products have entered the vision of ordinary consumers. Spherical popcorn as a new generation of popular puffed products, the rapid development in the world, with a new and different appearance, crispy taste for the characteristics. Become a new generation of popular consumers' favorite consumer products. For the majority of consumers on the go, rest time to provide a visual feast.

Process Flow of Industrial Popcorn Machine
Elevator - blasting machine - continuous vibrating sieve - conveyor - caramel coating machine - cooling and separating machine.
Firstly corn and oil, and other raw materials are prepared and put into the elevator; the raw materials are transported to the blasting machine for blasting, and then through the continuous vibrating sieve for oil filtration to make the popcorn drier, the shaken product is transported again into the conveyor and sent to the caramel coating machine to make the corn strips into various flavors through different flavors of flavoring powder and then transported to the cooling and separating machine for cooling and separation. This way, our popcorn is ready for sale to the public.

More Description of the Industrial Popcorn Machine
As a professional manufacturer of extrusion equipment, Shangdong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. has gathered a group of experts with rich experience in the industry, has been committed to the research and development of extrusion equipment, the company's products have developed into a variety of diversification, supporting the series. Shangdong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. has become a major domestic extrusion puffing equipment, professional manufacturers. In the rapid development of China's puffing machinery industry, focusing on the research and development of puffing machinery products, manufacturing, service, innovation, precision, passion, fairness, service as the driving force of the core values, to continuously improve product quality and service, better feedback to customers.

Shangdong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. has been trying to do better based on the present, in the face of the increasingly fierce competition in the puffing equipment market, we have accelerated the management concept to improve the pace of adjustment of the product structure, re-examine their positioning in the puffing industry chain, and constantly change the internal organizational structure, business processes, management systems, and corporate culture, etc.

All of the machines in the Shangdong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. Popcorn production lines are made of food-grade stainless steel, and the conveyor lift is also made of food-grade PVC, and the entire production line is made of safe and harmless materials selected by our technical procurement staff.

The industrial popcorn machine adopts advanced technology from home and abroad and uses the best quality food-grade materials, allowing manufacturers to produce a wide range of flavors according to market demand. The machine has very mature technology, the control and operation of critical components are more accurate and safe. At the same time, the manufacturer can provide perfect after-sales service, making it a quality machine that major popcorn manufacturers are eager to buy.

Our industrial popcorn machine adopts the latest design. It can make corn into popcorn, safe operation, low noise, gas heating or electric heating, put the corn into the industrial popcorn machine pot, 2-3 minutes later, you can get delicious popcorn. As the new popcorn machine is designed to be safe and easy to operate, the price of the new popcorn machine is more competitive in the market, and more and more popcorn manufacturers are using the new popcorn machinery ------ best popcorn machine. To make the best popcorn.
Although the price of different equipment varies, the cost performance is always the most critical selection criterion. If you need, welcome to contact us, we will provide you with the most cost-effective equipment!

Industrial Popcorn Machine Buying Guide
If you like popcorn, do you want to make popcorn and start a popcorn machinery business?
All questions about popcorn and popcorn making machinery will be answered below.

1. Reasons for popcorn's popularity
Popcorn in China is also not just so hot in theatres whether shopping, watching movies, K songs or in shopping malls, supermarkets, next to bars, downtown everywhere you can see popcorn! The national demand for popcorn has been on the rise, so the emergence of industrial popcorn machines has not only ensured quality but also increased efficiency. Also, the manual workshop-type processing rose to standardized production.

2. How is popcorn made?
Popcorn is very simple to make, and the ingredients are the same things that you often see in everyday life. All you need is corn, oil, sugar, and other ingredients. The manufacturer needs to produce it with the help of professional biscuit making machines and equipment.

3. The working principle of industrial popcorn machines
Rice will expand into popcorn. In fact, it is the combined effect of temperature and pressure. In a sealed container with a constant amount of air inside, when the temperature increases, the pressure inside the container will increase. The same is true of the iron stove of the popcorn machine; in heating the iron stove, the pressure of the air sealed inside the stove gradually increases.
At the same time, the rice inside the oven is also subjected to high temperatures, and the moisture inside the rice is gradually evaporated and released and continues to accumulate inside the oven. As the temperature rises, the air pressure inside the furnace increases.
Under the action of high air pressure, the evaporation of water from the rice is blocked, and the remaining moisture within the rice is also in a state of warming and pressure so that the rice grains such as a balloon holding enough air, high temperature, and high-pressure state of the rice grains suddenly come into contact with the environment of lower air pressure, the moisture within the rice grains expand rapidly, forming a popcorn.
The advanced co-extrusion puffing technology extrudes two different textures and flavors of products on the twin-screw mainframe at the same time, producing a variety of puffed sandwich foods such as the popular wheat chicken nuggets, sandwich rice crispies, and rice nuts in the market; the molds and auxiliary equipment can also be changed to produce puffed leisure foods in various shapes such as pot pies and cereal flakes. The puffed food has a crispy texture, easy to digest, unique aroma, and easy to carry, making it an ideal leisure food for consumers.

4. How do you mass-produce popcorn?
Popcorn has now become a popular foodstuff worldwide, and the market is promising. In a highly competitive market, manufacturers are improving production efficiency to expand production is an effective way to capture the market, and in the technological present, to mass-produce biscuits, you need to use a professional industrial popcorn machine.
The larger the machine, the greater the capacity, but the actual production situation will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, which requires manufacturers to choose the equipment that best meets their production needs, including the size of the production site or warehouse, the expected demand, the size of the machine and so on. In addition, production capacity will also determine the level of automation of the equipment, and it is essential for a factory to use fully automatic production equipment.

5. The origin of popcorn
Popcorn is an ancient puffed food. Hundreds of years ago, "necklace" gluttonous early in the European immigrants moved into this "New World" before the Indians living on this continent will be prevalent popcorn eaten.
On his return to Europe, Columbus painted a vivid picture of Indian children in the 'New World' using popcorn strung as necklaces to sell in the streets. It was also the Indians who taught the new European settlers the art of planting and roasting corn.
A historian has also found popped corn in a cave in New Mexico, USA, eaten by ancient Indians 5,000 years ago. Still, due to the 'technology' of the time, it was nowhere near as crunchy as contemporary popcorn.
Modern inventors have designed an electric cooker for families who like popcorn, which takes just 10 minutes to make a large pot of cornbread.
Many local television stations in the United States also often broadcast general information on how to popcorn, as well as introducing various new flavors of popping corn. An expert who frequently appears on TV screens and calls himself the "King of Popping Corn," Ritten Bahar, has become a household name across the US - when he goes on stage, it's all about the "Corn Sutra. "

6. Features of the industrial popcorn machine
Popcorn machine material: made of stainless steel.
Popcorn type: both ball and flower-shaped, round caramel popcorn
Production capacity: 2 minutes / batch.
Configuration: Finished popcorn is dropped onto a cooling box for collection.
Popcorn machine workshop: clean and easy to operate

7. Services for industrial popcorn machines
Pre-sales service
1. Provide technical parameters
2. advice on plant layout and dimensions
3. Provide a typical recipe
4. Customized design services
5. professional advice on markets, machinery, materials, packaging
6. advice on professional ship agency or help in booking ships according to customer requirements
7. 24-hour online service

After Sales Service
1. Layout drawings will be provided upon request of the buyer.
2. Operation manual will be provided after the delivery.
3. One-year warranty and lifetime maintenance, giving you the lowest cost price.
4. Fragile spare parts will be sent free of charge together with the container.
5. The first installation can be done by an engineer.
6. Training of workers at the customer's factory.

Engineers can repair machinery overseas
1. free pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales advisory services.
2. free project planning and design services.
3. free commissioning of equipment until everything is in order
4. free management of long-distance transport of equipment.
5. free training of equipment maintenance and operation personnel
6. free provision of new production processes and recipes
7. provide a one-year complete warranty and life-long maintenance service.

8. What if I am a novice and I don't know how to operate the machine?
We will let our technical staff hand in hand teach how to use, during the epidemic we will also record video, and with the explanation and operation of the video visual presentation for you, small to how each button is operated, large to the whole article in each industrial popcorn machine function and role, from beginning to end one by one we will explain clearly for you.

9. How to choose popcorn?
Select popcorn can be selected from the following aspects: quality popcorn full of particles, sweet taste, its quality is largely affected by the use of ingredients such as butter, poor quality popcorn sweetness uneven, thin particles, and because of the production of stingy use of ingredients in the taste of a big discount from the color can also be seen, quality popcorn with butter light champagne color, while the poor quality is presented in the rice flower itself clean white.

10. Advantages of industrial popcorn machines
1. Safe for the operator, no big noise, no blasting
2. Automatically operated buttons, PLC touch screens can be customized upon request.
3. High productivity, up to 100 kg of popcorn per hour
4. The pot body is made of 304 stainless steel to ensure a flat and smooth body with no welded seams for easy cleaning.
5. Adopt frequency conversion speed control, fully automatic stirring, maintain a stable stirring speed to ensure the quality of popcorn
6. The pot can be automatically tilted 90 degrees to allow the popcorn to be completely discharged.
7. The stirring blades of the stirring pulp are resistant to high temperatures and corrosion.

11. How much is the industrial popcorn machine?
An industrial popcorn machine is an automatic Popcorn production line controlled by a PLC that produces different sizes and flavors of popcorn. Popcorn machines can vary in price depending on the output. Small production popcorn machines cost around $6,000, and large production popcorn machines cost around $20,000.

12. What heating methods can I choose for my industrial popcorn machine?
Popcorn production lines have four types of heating options - electric, gas, steam, and diesel - that you can choose from, depending on the actual local situation. Most will choose electric heating because it is easier and less expensive than the other three heating methods. Still, suppose the electricity is not sufficient in the area. In that case, we do not recommend electric heating, because if you choose electric heating may not be enough power to cause the machine to work properly. If you have to choose electric heating must be equipped with a sufficient electrical power generator. Steam and gas are also more popular choices, with diesel heating rarely being chosen.

13. How to prevent frequent breakdowns of industrial popcorn machines?
Cleaning and maintenance.
Long time use of fudge machinery, if not timely clean residual food crumbs, not only is it will cause food safety impact but also cause some impact on the equipment. In all large factories, the cleaning and maintenance of equipment are a must exist, timely cleaning of food equipment will be failure problems to reduce, extend the life of the production line equipment, to bring you higher benefits.
Of course, some incorrect operations can have a serious impact on the equipment or lay down the risk of serious safety accidents. Regular cleaning to reduce faults is important, but the necessary training must be given to staff to make them familiar with the operation of the equipment to make the correct operation and reduce faults.

14. Industrial popcorn machine maintenance work
1. Troubleshooting: If the equipment failure problem must immediately begin to solve the work, they first need to stop the equipment, first to ensure the safety of production line workers. In fact, many small failures are slowly accumulating down to cause, so the problem should be resolved immediately.
Dust cleaning: as we all know, the candy production equipment in the factory has been continuous work, then the long-term use of candy production equipment will certainly leave a lot of dust, if not timely cleaning dust and continuous work, in addition to a specific impact on food safety, but also affect the operation of the whole equipment. Motor heat treatment is also a big problem, dust blocking heat dissipation holes so that the motor continues to complete processing at high temperatures, the motor life is seriously affected, the necessary maintenance work is very critical, the outer layer of the equipment to remove all the dust so that the motor operating temperature is released even if the continuous processing is not affected by the motor.
3. fittings lubrication: the internal composition of the equipment fittings play an important role in the performance of the machine, but under continuous processing, the effect of wear and tear of the fittings intensified, the need to add the necessary lubrication, both to ease the degree of wear and tear of the fittings, but also to play a certain protective role to extend the service life of the equipment.

15. Operation of the industrial popcorn machine
Elevator - Exploder - Continuous vibrating screen - Conveyor - Caramel coating machine - Cooling and separating machine
Our industrial popcorn machines are produced fully automatically.

16. What are the limitations of industrial popcorn machines?
The first point, just engaged in the production of popcorn, you may not understand how to start the initial business progress from where to start.
The second point, the issue of money, is also a problem to consider. Our customers also have loans for the purchase of equipment. We generally pay a deposit for the production of the machine first, after the machine is completed and then collect the final payment for your delivery.
The third point is that we do not include transport costs. If you need to book your ship, you should contact us in advance and confirm the relevant address and time for receiving the shipment.

17. Popcorn's growth prospects
Popcorn, a puffed food, is very popular with young people as an everyday snack. There are many unexpected variations on popcorn, from the traditional with just salt and a little melted cream, or covered in sweet caramel, to the perfect combination with cheese. Popcorn is a surprisingly popular snack for a drink and is also used at children's birthday parties. In China, as people's living standards rise and the quality of popcorn continues to improve, the consumption of popcorn, both at home and in cinemas and other settings, is growing at a rate of more than 10% per year.

18. Why choose Shangdong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. industrial popcorn machine?
Suppose you want to invest in an industrial popcorn machine, Shangdong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a good choice. When you purchase an industrial popcorn machine, we will develop the best plan for you to train your team and provide after-sales service, including installation, consultation, and maintenance. Shangdong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. produces machines that consume less electricity and has developed this advanced popcorn machine technology through our technical staff.
When you choose our industrial popcorn machines, we don't just provide you with high-quality machines; we can also provide you with installation and commissioning and our secret recipes and related production processes. We will also take care of the layout of the workshop for you. We have a team of professionals who can tailor a reasonable solution for you.
As the variety of popcorn continues to increase, so makes the demand and requirements of the market for food products, Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. has upgraded its machines in line with this market demand.

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