What Are The Different Types Of Loyal Vegetable Processing Equipment?

Loyal Industrial  Has a wide range of vegetable processing machines, such as vegetable cutting machines for cutting vegetables, vegetable washing machines for washing vegetables, and vegetable drying machines for drying vegetables. Whichever type of vegetable processing machine you need, you are welcome to contact us because we are a professional food machinery supplier. All the  vegetable processing machines we produce are of high quality and well worth your trust!
loyal has been producing vegetable equipment for more than ten years, and has a lot of vegetable processing equipment all year round. The list is as follows, and there are discount prices every year.

List Of Vegetable Processing Machine

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Are you already in the vegetable processing industry? Are you thinking of buying a vegetable processing machine?

If so, please read the vegetable processing machine buying guide below and get in touch with us if you have any questions. If you are in the business of making chips and fries, these cleaning and cutting stages of the chip and fry-making process are also critical.


1. What machines are included in the Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. vegetable processing machine?

Our vegetable processing machines include vegetable cutting machines, vegetable washing machines, vegetable drying machines, and to make chips and fries, you also need to go through a vegetable washing machine to wash the potatoes first, then a vegetable cutting machine to cut the potatoes into slices or strips and then fry and puff them, etc.


2. What are the reasons for the popularity of our vegetable processing machines?

Firstly our vegetable processors come in various models to meet your needs for a wide range of processing specifications. Secondly, our vegetable processing machines are multi-functional and powerful. And our vegetable processing machines are of high quality, all made of food-grade stainless steel. While ensuring high quality, our professional technicians are constantly looking for affordable accessories. We always adhere to the principle of high-cost performance, the same price we compare to the quality, the same rate we compare to price. And our machines are suitable for every workshop and factory in every country. Because of the high quality and low price, our vegetable processing machines are widely welcomed at home and abroad.


3. What are the components of the vegetable processing machine?

The vegetable processor mainly consists of the motor, the knife, the rotating shaft, and the frame. The vegetable processing machine is straightforward to operate, relatively easy to use, and at the same time very productive and suitable for a wide range of vegetables.


4. How do vegetable processing machines produce large quantities?

Generally, machines with larger models will have a higher output, but each company has different production standards. It is up to you to contact our salesman and tell us the type of vegetables you need to process and the vegetable processing machine and output you want. We will then provide you with a complete and accurate quotation with machine details. So if you're going to produce large quantities, you can choose one of our large capacity vegetable processing machines. Our large-capacity vegetable processing machines are able to run steadily and process large amounts of vegetables to give you a product with a color and shape that you will be happy with.


5. What is the concept of vegetable processing?

Vegetable processing is taking vegetables as raw materials, washing them, peeling them, cutting them, and so on, and then using physical or biological, or chemical methods to produce a final product for storage.


6. What are the development trends and prospects of vegetable processing machines?

Along with the improvement of people's living standards, people's dietary needs are also improving, and people's demand for vegetables is constantly increasing. Naturally, the vegetable processing industry is growing at a rapid pace. Whether at home or abroad, we can see canned vegetables, bagged vegetables, or vegetables sold after further processing or simple treatment; behind a wide range of vegetable products is the rapid development of the vegetable processing industry, the performance of vegetable processing machines are now very stable and high quality, the development of the vegetable processing industry is also booming, which shows that the prospects of vegetable processing machines are excellent. This indicates that the future of  vegetable processing machines is very good.


7. How should the vegetable processing machine be operated?

1. Vegetable cutting machine: Before an operation, first check in advance whether the device is standard, see whether the various parts and lines of the machine can operate normally, and turn on the power for operation while ensuring safety. Before the procedure, adjust the length and shape of the cut, and then the vegetables to be cut into the regular operation. However, do not operate the machine in the opposite direction, which can easily cause safety problems. Read the machine's operating manual and safety manual carefully before starting to work.

2. Vegetable washing machine: The first step is to carefully read the instruction manual of the vegetable washing machine first, to see how each relevant machine should be operated normally and correctly, and also to check whether the appropriate wiring is typical in a safe environment to turn on the machine switch. The second step is to prepare the vegetables to be washed and put them into the machine for cleaning. Finally, take out the vegetables after the cleaning is completed.

3. Vegetable dryer: the first step is to select raw materials, drying must be strictly selected, select high-quality vegetables, vegetables can not be under-ripe or too mature. In the state of eight, mature is the best drying state.

The second step is to cut the pre-treatment. This is the time to use our vegetable cutting machine. The cleaned vegetable raw material will be cut into slices, shreds, or strips according to the needs of the product and other desired shapes. This is then lightly boiled in boiling water, but leafy vegetables do not need to be scalded. The third step is to remove the water from the second step and cool it to room temperature. Finally, the vegetables are dried, with the drying time, temperature, color, and moisture content determined according to their condition. Our vegetable dryers do not destroy the nutrients in the vegetables. The drying method is conducive to preserving nutrients, and the color and quality of the vegetables after drying are excellent.


8. How should vegetable processors be maintained?

1. Generally, vegetable processing machines may contain impurities after use and need to be cleaned up after use.

2. Some of the machines may be easier to age, more frequent use of the line is also more likely to leak, must be regularly tested to prevent the emergence of related safety problems.

3. Because the vegetable processing machine has many gears and belts, so in the maintenance of the time to regularly add oil to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

4. To ensure that the processing environment is ventilated and dry. Otherwise, the machine is easy to rust aging.


9. What kind of environment is required for the installation of vegetable cutting machines?

Firstly, it must be used in a spacious environment because there is a lot of juice in the vegetables and accidents can easily happen if the domain is too small. Secondly, the voltage must be stable, and the wiring must be safe. There should also be a water discharge pipe, and the machine must be cleaned and flushed in time after use to ensure a safe and hygienic working environment. Lastly, it is important to emphasize the issue of ventilation, as it is essential to maintain a dry and ventilated environment for the installation and operation of the machine.


10. What is the working principle of a vegetable cutting machine?

The vegetable cutting machine is used to place the vegetables you want to cut on the conveyor belt that conveys the vegetables to the inlet and then runs the high-speed cutter to cut the vegetables into slices or shreds.


11. What is the working principle of the vegetable washing machine?

The vegetable washing machine has an ozone generator, which produces ozone when the engine is running. Then the ozone goes through the pipes into the washing place and then produces ozonated water. The ozonated water is used to sterilize the vegetables and also to explain pesticides. This makes the vegetables odorless and keeps them fresher for longer.


12. What is the working principle of the vegetable dryer?

The pure hot air produced by the hot air oven is used to dry the vegetables using both ventilation drying and hot air drying together, using the multi-layer drying box to circulate layer by layer.


13. What are the characteristics of the vegetable drying machine equipment?

Firstly, the drying output is very high, the drying speed is super fast, the color of the product after drying is perfect, and the thermal efficiency is very high. Then it can produce continuously and basically does not destroy the nutrients and color of the vegetables. Another point is that different processes can be used according to the characteristics of the vegetables, as well as the ability to add the corresponding auxiliary equipment.


14. What are the advantages of vegetable washing machines?

1. The use of vegetable washing machine is very wide, not only can wash vegetables can also clean fruit, a device two uses.

2. The cleaning process basically does not require manual labor, through the control cabinet control operation, greatly liberates the labor force, to a large extent to improve the efficiency of the work.

3. The vegetable washing machine uses a vortex spray type water flow so that the cleaning method will not damage the surface structure of vegetables, cleaning more thoroughly. And can use the recycling water system, water resources can be used twice, can save water.


15. What are the features of the vegetable cutting machine?

1. The speed of rotation and cutting can be changed directly by modifying the desired speed on the control panel.

2. The vegetable cutting machine can be used for multiple purposes, is very easy to clean, covers a relatively small area, and is very easy to operate.

3. The shape of the cut vegetables is regular, the surface is smooth, and the integrity is beautiful.


16. Is the vegetable processing machine safe and environmentally friendly?

It is safe to run generally without problems with the environment and machinery, and our vegetable processors do not pollute the environment. All vegetable processing machines are made of food-grade stainless steel, which is safe and reliable!


17. How much do vegetable processors cost?

Our small capacity vegetable processing machines are around a few thousand dollars. We also have larger capacity vegetable processing machines. Price for vegetable cutting machines, washing machines, and drying machines are all different and will need to be quoted to you depending on the type of machine you want and the output; if you need to customize or add accessories, etc., you can contact our salesman.


18. Do you need a vegetable processor for the processing of chips and fries?

The answer is yes!

Because chips and fries are edible snacks, eat into the mouth must ensure that it is clean and hygienic safety, and the chips and fries on the market are also in the form of slices and strips, need our vegetable cutting machine for cutting, cutting through the vegetable washing machine to clean off the pesticide residues in the potatoes, etc., drying machine in the production of chips and fries is basically not used, because chips and fries are fried food, is made by The fryer is used for frying. But before further processing is necessary to use our vegetable cutting machine and vegetable washing machine.


19. Why choose Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.

First of all, we are a factory! All our machines are factory price, no intermediary to earn the price difference. Secondly, all of our machines are made of food-grade stainless steel, which meets food safety standards. The ultimate value for money is always the pursuit of our company. At the same time, our after-sales service is very good, when you buy the machine within a year if any non-human problems arise we are guaranteed and provide life-long maintenance. We can also provide you with a layout of the production line according to your requirements. Our operating manuals will also be provided to you upon delivery, and our technical staff can provide you with professional advice on marketing, materials, packaging, etc. We will assist you free of charge with the commissioning of your equipment until it is ready for regular operation. Our sales staff will also provide you with 24-hour service; any technical problems can be communicated with us, we will solve them all for you. Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation to move forward!


Choosing us is choosing peace of mind and comfort. We won't let you down! We can help you buy a lower-priced machine of the same quality, saving you extra costs, and we also provide some of the accessories free of charge when we sell the machine. If you think the vegetable washing machine business is good, welcome to get in touch with us. If you need other food machines, such as instant noodle production line, biscuit production line, pet feed production line, we can do, and we have nearly twenty years of experience in the food machinery industry, whether it is pre-sales doubts or service in the purchase, as well as after-sales problem solving, we will be the fastest speed for you to solve the problem.

Cost Of Fruit Vegetable Washing Dehydrating Packing Processing Line List

 Loyal vegetable processing machine uses recycled water for reuse and has a water circulation system, which really saves water and meets the requirements of energy-saving and emission reduction. The vegetable cutter is relatively small in size and occupies a small area, allowing a wide choice of cutting methods and shapes. Our vegetable dryer can dry vegetables quickly, making them last longer and easier to store. Nutrients and vitamins are not lost during the drying process, making them truly delicious and nutritious. Most of our vegetable processing machines are designed to replace manual processing, freeing up a lot of labor. Our vegetable processing machines will be your most helpful little helper in the food processing process.

Automatic Fruit Vegetable Washing Dehydrating Packing Processing Line




Loyal Washing Machine



Hoisting Machine



Hair Roller Cleaning Machine



Vibrating Machine



Air Drying Machine



Fresh Vegetable Processing Line Process Flow

1.Vegetable cutting machine: this machine is a single machine, that is, the vegetables are put into the vegetable cutting machine, by cutting the vegetables into slices or shreds, bulbs and other kinds of vegetables are available for cutting.

2. vegetable washing machine: first of all, graded selection, according to the quality of the product high or low mechanical or manual sorting, and then for soaking, soak off the surface residues of toxic and harmful substances, and then into the washing machine large water rinse, cleaning is completed, the clean vegetables for finishing, and then cut and divided, cut and divided vegetables for fresh out force to extend the time of storage, take off excess water, and then kill the vegetables in the bacteria, and finally for packaging refrigerated sales.

3. Vegetable dryer: first to the vegetables for heating, this is the beginning of the drying heating stage, heating will be completed into constant speed drying, and finally deceleration drying, the whole drying process will be completed.

Fresh Vegetable Processing Line Process Flow

Main Raw Materials

Fresh Peppers, Garlic, Rape, Carrots, Celery, Cauliflower, Etc., Citric Acid.

















Cutting, Block




Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. vegetable washing machines make vegetables safer and tastier to eat by cleaning them of harmful substances and pests, and bacteria. Vegetable cutters cut vegetables and fruit, making it easier to carry out the next step in the further processing vegetables or fruit. Vegetable dryers, needless to say, are known to extend the shelf life of vegetables after drying, with little or no loss of nutrients and a crispier taste.
We treat every customer with sincerity and enthusiasm, and we will do our best to help you no matter what kind of technical support you need. We have a professional sales salesman, as well as a team of after-sales maintenance technicians. I am not alone. We are a professional team, we have been engaged in the food machinery industry for more than ten years of experience, our professional senior technical staff of 25, we will all be professional to solve every problem of customers, so that you can rest assured after the purchase of the machine. If there is a problem with the use of the machine, first of all, suspend the use and contact us in time, we will provide you with a perfect solution. Our pre-sales and after-sales service will not let you down!

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