Vegetable microwave sterilization equipment - UK customer visit

2020-07-11 11:16:21

Vegetables are our daily life food, can supplement our body needs of vitamins and other nutrients, fresh vegetables, if not timely consumption is easy to rot. Hence, most of the vegetables in the market are to be sterilized and fresh-keeping treatment, which will use the vegetable microwave sterilization equipment.

Vegetable microwave sterilization equipment

A customer from Britain plans to buy some microwave sterilization equipment for vegetables. A few days ago, he contacted the Leader Microwave Equipment Company and inquired about the Microwave Sterilization Machine for vegetables. We gave enthusiastic answers, explained the unique advantages of the equipment, he showed great interest, and wanted to conduct an in-depth investigation.

Advantages of vegetable microwave sterilization equipment

1. Fast sterilization

Vegetable microwave sterilization machine is the direct interaction between microwave and vegetables, the internal and external heating of vegetables at the same time, the internal water quickly heat vaporization, water outward diffusion, to accelerate the speed of sterilization.

2. High sterilization efficiency

The traditional sterilization process usually takes several days or more. The use of microwave sterilization equipment for vegetables can significantly shorten the processing time and obtain a good sterilization effect.

3. The quality of vegetables after sterilization is good

Vegetable microwave sterilization drying machine has strong permeability and heating selectivity, there will be no decay, deterioration, and other phenomena, after sterilization of vegetable nutrients remain intact, the quality is outstanding.

4. To kill bacteria and insects

In the working process, the microwave sterilization equipment of vegetables can kill the pests in the vegetables while sterilizing, making vegetables healthy and safe.

5. Energy-saving and efficient, easy to operate

Microwaves act directly on vegetables without additional energy loss, thus saving energy and improving work efficiency. Vegetable microwave sterilization machine is open to use, flexible, and convenient operation.

Customer visits from the UK

After the customer came, we had a detailed discussion, the communication process is pleased, and then we took him to visit the factory of vegetables microwave sterilization equipment, bread microwave sterilization equipment, moon cake microwave sterilization equipment, milk microwave sterilization equipment and a series of microwave equipment. Besides, we also marvel at the rapid development trend of the microwave industry.

Finally, he decided to buy two of our vegetable microwave sterilization equipment, and we gave him the best discount. He said that he would choose our equipment again if it works well and achieves the expected effect. We said that we would arrange a delivery for him as soon as possible, and we are looking forward to cooperating with him next time!