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Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.'s food extruder machine is a new engine developed and manufactured by our company. The manufacturing process draws on the advanced technology at home and abroad through analysis of market needs and is carefully developed by a professional manufacturing team. The structure is reasonable, has superior performance, is reliable quality, and can be a piece of ideal equipment.


Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. has a wide selection of food extruder equipment, twin-screw extruders, series of rotary head extruders, and series of single-screw extrusion puffers available. Our machines are all equipped with PLC-controlled interface displays mounted near the control panel for easy interior viewing. The internal material of our machinery is hard and heat resistant, requiring slight external ambient temperature, and can work continuously for 24 hours. Our machines work efficiently and are guaranteed to give you the best price.


And we have a set of professional testing standards. Before delivery is mechanical commissioning and parts quality inspection to ensure that the excellent product performance can withstand the test.


More Description:

Food extrusion processing technology belongs to the high temperature and high-pressure food processing technology, especially the use of screw extrusion, through pressure, shear force, friction, heating, and other effects of the formation of solid food materials, such as crushing, kneading, mixing, maturation, sterilization, pre-drying, forming and further processing, complete high temperature and high-pressure physical changes and biochemical reactions, and finally food materials in the mechanical role of forced through a specially designed. The final food material is mechanically forced through a specially designed orifice (mold) to produce a particular shape and organization product. This technology allows the production of puffed, organized, or unbuffed products. Currently, food extruder machines have become the choice of many food processing companies due to their ease of use and cleanliness, the long shelf life of the food, the fact that the shape of the food can be designed at will, and the ease of operation. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. an after-sales service commitment, we will have a professional technician to your company's staff to use the machine coaching, teaching package, to remove all the difficulties for you.


We are confident in our machines and equipment. We believe that you can buy food extrusion machines from us to your satisfaction and you will be proud of our machines. At present, Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. with strong technical force and strong sales ability, our primary products are in the leading position in the same industry in China; our products are sold to all provinces, cities, autonomous regions, and municipalities and exported to Russia, Philippines, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, and other countries.


Suppose you want to buy a food extruder, Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. is your first choice, because, since its establishment, the company has always insisted on customer-centric, serious about every aspect of research and production, our staff is very responsible, elaborate research and development of manufacturing equipment, adhering to a rigorous scientific attitude to ensure that each piece of equipment produced Our team is responsible for the careful development and manufacture of the equipment. In addition, our equipment is of high quality and low price, to ensure the quality of machinery and equipment at the same time and ensure that our price is competitive among peers.


Buying Guide:

1. Composition system of food extruder machine:

1. Automatic batching system: microcomputer control, accurate weighing. After the batching system, the mixing is completed. If there is more than one main machine, the automatic powder feeding system is optional.

2. Extrusion system: Many primary machines are used, with a high degree of automation. The device can be started with a single button. The data is saved in real-time, monitored in real-time, and alarmed. Our twin-screw extruders are designed by 3D software, simulated by mock-ups, and automatically tested by computer to ensure that the design accuracy requirements are met. Professionally manufactured and machined, this will ensure accuracy and coordination between each component of the extruder, stable handling, and low noise!

3. Pre-drying system: Various pre-drying equipment can be provided, such as a small vibrating fluidized bed, drum drying, and eight-layer vibration drying.

4. Sugar spraying system: The sugar spraying machine is a device used to spray syrup on the surface of the material to adjust the product's taste. It is divided into two main parts: drum and slurry tank. To improve the fluidity and adhesion of the syrup, the drum rotates continuously and is equipped with a heating structure. A heat preservation device is also added to the outside of the drum.

5. Drying system: The single-layer chain plate dryer has a forced hot air circulation system to increase the efficiency of the thermal process. The heat source can use various heat media, electricity, gas, fuel oil, steam, etc. Compared with multi-layer chainplates, the hot air has stronger penetrability to the material. The water removal efficiency is higher. The control system adopts a PLC module for temperature control, only PID setting and gas, and oil dual-stage fire control. The temperature control is more accurate.


2. Features of each part of the food extruder machine:

1. Features of extrusion curing technology: 1. Continuous production 2. Simple production process 3. Low material consumption and low energy consumption 4. Wide application range 5. Low investment 6. Low production cost According to different production purposes and product needs. The extruder can be used to produce expanded or non-expanded organized finished products or semi-finished products. The so-called puffed food refers to the food in which the raw materials (mainly grain raw materials) are processed at high temperature and high pressure, and are quickly released into a low-pressure environment, and the volume is greatly expanded, and the internal structure is in a porous sponge state.

2. The characteristics of extruded and cooked food: 1. It is not easy to produce the "regeneration" phenomenon 2. Less loss of nutrients, easy to digest and absorb 3. The product has a delicate taste 4. Good flavor and easy to eat 5. The product has a high level of hygiene and good storage performance

3. Types and characteristics of extruders 1. Classification by the number of screws Extruders can be divided into single-screw extruders, twin-screw extruders, and multi-screw extruders. Among them, single screw and twin screw are the most common:

(1) Single screw extruder: The extruder is equipped with an extrusion screw.

(2) Twin-screw extruder: The extruder is equipped with two extrusion screws. The extrusion operation is completed by the cooperation of the two, which is developed from the single-screw extruder. According to the relative position of the two screws, it is divided into meshing types (including full meshing type and partial meshing type) and non-meshing type. According to the rotation direction of the two screws, it is divided into co-rotating and different-rotating. The mainstream models are co-rotating, fully meshed, and trapezoidal screw grooves.


3. Features of food extruder machine

1. The linear structure is simple, easy to install, and guide.

2. Adopt advanced pneumatic components, electrical components, and operating components of world-renowned brands.

3. The touch screen controls a high-pressure double crank, cooling, heating, and feeding seasoning system.

4. Run in a high degree of automation and intelligence, without pollution.

5. The linkage device is connected with the air conveyor and directly linked with the filling machine.

6. Raw materials. Meat meal, fish meal, cornmeal, soybean meal, and other grain meal.

7. Products. Pet food, such as dogs, cats, etc., can achieve different shapes and tastes by changing molds and formulas.

8. Voltage. Three-phase. 380v/50hz, single phase. 220v/50hz.


4. The structure of the food extruder machine

At the end of the extrusion cavity, the molten material is extruded through the die hole of the template under the action of high pressure. Due to the sudden drop of stress, the water vapor expands and dissipates rapidly, making the product form a porous structure, and the expanded material is The rotating knife cuts into a specific size product. In the production of breakfast cereals, single-screw extruders and twin-screw extruders are most commonly used, and twin-screw extruders are more advantageous than single-screw extruders because single-screw extruders are Material particle size, moisture requirements, and composition requirements are strict. It is easy to cause problems such as material backflow and effortless wear of the screw.

The puffing process of the product is mainly completed by baking or frying after extrusion. In this process, after the raw material is passed through the extruder, the raw material is only matured, and semi-cooked and the product are given a specific shape. At the same time, to improve the quality of the product, make the texture of the product more uniform, and the gelatinization more thorough, the extruded semi-finished product needs to go through a constant temperature and humidity process and then undergo post-baking or frying processes. The extruder adopts extrusion technology to process various puffed foods and fortified foods and is suitable for processing in many food production fields such as snack foods, instant grain foods, convenience foods, dairy products, etc., and the product can be changed by simply changing the mold Shape, produce products of different shapes and patterns, so the product range is wide, the variety, the color is uniform, and it can form a series of products, which is conducive to the flexibility of production and sales.


5. How does the twin-screw food extruder machine work?

Different extruders produce different products. Different combinations can produce other effects.

The twin-screw extruder is composed of two mutually meshing and co-rotating screws installed on the barrel's spline shaft. As there are various screw and barrel designs, various screw shapes and process functions can be set according to process requirements. Therefore, the twin-screw extruder technology can ensure a high degree of flexibility in transportation, compression, mixing, cooking, shearing, heating, cooling, pumping, and shaping. The main advantage of the intermeshing co-rotating twin-screw extruder is its remarkable mixing ability, which gives the extruded product unique characteristics.


6. Main features of twin-screw food extruder machine

1. The twin-screw extruder series are mainly composed of a feeding system, extrusion system, cutting system, heating system, lubrication system, and control system.

2. Convey the mixed raw materials from the mixer to the twin-screw extruder rotating in the same direction.

3. Automatic lubrication and forced cooling ensure the safe operation of the twin-screw extruder and prolong the service life. The feeding, extrusion, and cutting systems adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, which has a strong driving force, stable performance, and energy saving.

4. The screw is made of alloy material and is treated with a unique process with high strength, wear resistance, and long service life.

5. The screw extrusion system can be designed with different structures and length-diameter ratios according to the needs of the product to meet various process requirements. It has good abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. The raw material is heated and hardened as a whole and has high wear resistance and toughness. Special heat treatment and high-precision CNC machining. Ensure the best quality.


7. Applicable for twin-screw food extruder machine:

The raw materials suitable for twin-screw extrusion equipment are very wide, including corn, sorghum, rice, wheat and buckwheat, and other expanded materials, which are then ground into powder, which can be used as a mixed powder to improve and enhance the taste of food. It can also be used as a food binder, a tackifier, a binder for casting sand, a tackifier for the weaving and dyeing industry, and a raw material for floating bait.


8. The development history of food extruder machine

The extruder originated in the 18th century. The manual piston extruder used to manufacture seamless lead pipes manufactured by Joseph Bramah (England) in 1795 is considered the world's first extruder. Since then, during the first 50 years of the 19th century, the extruder was only suitable for producing lead pipes, the processing of macaroni and other foods, brick making, and ceramic industries. In the process of development as a manufacturing method, the first time it was documented was R. Brooman's patent application in 1845 to produce Goodbo glue wires with an extruder. H Bewlgy then improved the extruder and used it to coat the copper wire of the first submarine cable between Dover and Calais in 1851. In 1879, British M. Gray obtained the first patent for the use of Archimedes spiral screw extruder. In the following 25 years, the extrusion method became critical, and an electrically operated extruder quickly replaced the manual extruder. In 1935, the German machinery manufacturer Paul Troester produced an extruder for thermoplastics. In 1939, they developed the plastic extruder to a current stage-the modern single-screw extruder stage.


9. Cleaning method of food extruder machine

In food production, the same equipment needs to produce different foods, which leads to the mixing of flavors and raw materials between other foods, which seriously affects the taste of food. The food production machinery is thoroughly cleaned to ensure. The taste of food is pure.

The cleaning of food machinery is divided into routine cleaning and regular cleaning according to the cleaning frequency. Routine cleaning refers to cleaning after each mechanical use. Although this cleaning is timely but not thorough, it is easy to cause the deposition of contaminants. Regular cleaning is a thorough cleaning of the equipment at a designated period. By using various cleaning fluids for different purposes, increasing the concentration, temperature, and impact force of the cleaning liquid, the various residues and microorganisms generated in the equipment can be thoroughly removed. According to specific cleaning methods, it can be divided into the following cleaning methods: manual cleaning, foam cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, positioning outside cleaning, and positioning cleaning.


10. How to maintain the food extruder machine?

For frequent use, the reducer must be replaced with new oil every three months. When returning, the reducer should be cleaned and added with fresh oil. The machine parts are inspected regularly 1-2 times a month. The inspection parts are worm gears, worms, bearings, and oil seals. Whether the running parts are flexible and whether the fasteners are loose. Any abnormal situation should be dealt with in time. During use, if the machine is found to vibrate abnormally or make an abnormal sound, it should be shut down immediately for an inspection. Electrical control parts should be kept clean and sensitive, and faults should be repaired in time. When assembling and disassembling the stirring paddle, it should be dismantled gently, steadily installed, and placed with care to avoid deformation and damage. After use, the residual materials in each part of the machine should be brushed. The device should be used for a long time. The appliance must be wiped and cleaned. The surface of the machine parts should be coated with anti-rust oil and covered with tarpaulin.


11. Is our food extruder machine environmentally friendly?

This is necessary. Our food extruder is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and it does not make much noise.


12. What are the advantages of our infeed end?

The feeding end is generally equipped with a feeding hopper, which is convenient for spreading materials. The feed hopper is customized according to the requirements of different materials of customers, with vibration motor, smooth discharge, discharge baffle can adjust the thickness of the discharge, which is very effective for powder materials, irregular or granular materials need to use a vibrating screen to lay fabric to the conveyor belt.


13. Factors affecting the extrusion operation

1. Nature of raw material: moisture content, type of extruded material, PH value of raw material, size of raw material particles, other components.

2. Extrusion operation parameters: type of extruder, feeding speed, screw geometry, extruder length, screw speed, die characteristics, the temperature of the cavity.


14. The development status and development trend of food extrusion processing technology

Foreign :

In recent years, developed countries have been steamed and extruded food as a single large category of food, and penetrate many food processing, such as puffed rice can be further produced staple bread, cooked products, fried products, etc.; corn extrusion puffed and crushed, added to the bread, so that bread has a unique taste and flavor.

Food steaming extrusion processing technology has become the object of research and development of many researchers and production plants in developed countries. Japan has published many patents on extruded puffed products, such as extruded cheese products, extruded starch products, and the use of tofu residues to produce extruded food, and other patents. 1980, U.S. scholars have studied the flavor and color of extruded fast food. In the 80s, the United States, Japan, and other countries to extrusion of defatted soybean tissue, the production of a variety of bionic foods (such as meatloaf, salted beef, ham, etc.) and milk drinks In the 1980s, the United States, Japan, and other countries extruded and organized soybeans to produce a variety of bionic foods (such as meatloaf, salted beef, ham, etc.) and milk replacer drinks, instant drinks, etc. Sweden, the United States, and other countries use inexpensive bran as raw materials, after extrusion and puffing, the production of high-fiber health food.


China's research and understanding of extruded food began as early as the mid-1970s, but due to scientific research units invest in this force is not enough; the relevant departments do not pay enough attention; manufacturers to meet a half-understanding, so that our consumers on the extruded food awareness of a common misconception: extruded food and popcorn is a class of products, to coax children to play with a kind of children's food. Equipment manufacturers in the digestion and absorption of foreign equipment gaps exist so that the performance of equipment is far below the imported equipment, affecting the progress of product development. At present, the research on cooking extrusion processing technology in China is still relatively backward. Few researchers specialize in this technology research. Theoretical research lags and product development can not keep up. The performance of equipment is not perfect manufacturers vary in technology. But we never stop at the front. In the food, extrusion machine technology has made great efforts.


15. Why choose Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. for food extrusion machine?

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a puffing machine, casual food production line, food puffing machine, pet food puffing machine, and other products specializing in the production and processing of the company, has a complete, scientific quality management system. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. has been recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength, and product quality. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide, and discuss business.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. has not only food extrusion machine, but also many kinds of food machinery for customers to choose. Our machines have been exported to many countries and regions, and get good feedback from customers. We will solve the problems for our customers for the first time, and there is almost no problem with our equipment under regular use.

  • Twin Screw Food Extruder Machine

    Twin Screw Food Extruder Machine

    Applicable Industries: Twin-screw extrusion processing versus conventional food processing
    Capacity: 100-150g/h 200-250kg/h 300-500kg/h 300-500kg/h 800-1000kg/h
    Condition: New
    Converter: Customizable
  • Pet Food Extruder Machine

    Pet Food Extruder Machine

    Applicable Industries: Food equipmen plant, pet food extrusion equipment Factory, food manufacturers association
    After Warranty Service: Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service
    Local Service Location: Egypt, Canada, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Italy, France, Germany, Viet Nam, Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Morocco, Argentina, South Korea
    Raw materials: adopts corn flour, fish meal as raw materials
  • Single Screw Extruder Food Processing Machine

    Single Screw Extruder Food Processing Machine

    Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Farms, Home Use, Retail, Food & Beverage Shops
    Condition: New
    Place of Origin: Shandong, China
    Type: single screw extruder food processing
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