Do You Know The Reasons And Solutions For The Low Temperature Of The Food Extruder?

2020-09-24 10:23:46

With the continuous progress and development of the society, the use of double screw extruder puffed snack machinery is also increasing. So in the process of using it. You will definitely encounter such and other problems. Now I will explain to you the reasons for the low temperature of the twin screw extruder snack puffing machine and the solutions.

puffing snack making machine


Why is the temperature of full automatic corn food puffing machine too low? The reasons are as follows:

1. The pressure ring diameter configuration of puffing equipment is too small.

2. Excessive wear of the pressure ring.

3. The selected die hole is too large.

4. The raw material moisture is too high.

5. Insufficient tempering.

puffing snack making equipment



1. Choose a larger size pressure ring.

2. Replace the excessively worn pressure ring.

3. Choose smaller size die holes.

4. Reduce raw material moisture.

5. Improve the quenching and tempering effect.

puffing snack making machine