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Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. 's corn flakes production line has a high degree of automation, and the corn flakes produced are of high quality. Corn flakes are delicious fast food. It is easy to carry and can be stored for a long time. It can be eaten directly or made into other foods. The corn flakes machine can produce high-quality corn flakes with good export and taste, which is very suitable for fast-paced people and is also a food ideal for all ages. Corn flakes are very popular and come in various flavors such as rice, milk, and mellow. They are very popular with consumers. They are rich in nutrients and contain many beneficial ingredients.


Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of twin-screw food extruders, single-screw food extruders, microwave drying, and sterilization equipment, etc. The company's main products: snack food extruder, pet feed production line, corn flakes production line, biscuit production line, instant noodle production line, and microwave drying sterilization equipment. The company has senior management personnel, excellent engineering and technical personnel, product development personnel, and well-trained technical workers, and often conducts technical exchanges with well-known peer companies, introduces advanced technologies and processes, and forms a strong technical support system. Since the beginning of its establishment, Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. has been adhering to the corporate tenet of "pursuing excellence": the business philosophy of "developing with customers," adhering to a sincere attitude, good reputation, excellent quality, and perfect service in the management of our company. Strict quality management is implemented in production, sales, and after-sales service, and customers' opinions and needs are used as the basis for developing and improving products to achieve customer satisfaction.


Process flow of corn flakes production line

mixer → screw conveyor → twin screw extruder → air conveyor → tablet press → air conveyor → dryer → elevator → hot air baking machine → seasoning machine → dryer → cooling machine → packaging machine


The ingredients used in the production of corn flakes include corn, sugar, salt, vitamins, minerals, etc. These ingredients are formulated by the corn flakes formula, and the nutrition and salt content are reasonably controlled to ensure that the processed corn flakes have a good taste. Taste, mix the ingredients in a blender, and mix well.

The raw materials are transported to the extruder, fully cooked under high temperature and pressure, and then cut into corn flake shapes for further processing.


The cut and shaped corn flakes need to be pre-dried, after which they will not stick together and are of higher quality. Next is the pressing process. The corn flakes are pressed into shape.


The pressed corn flakes are baked at high temperatures to create a crisp texture and highlight the characteristic flavor of corn. Then season them and send them to the seasoning machine to create different flavors.

The final step in corn flakes production is packaging, which can be fully automated using a packaging machine to produce higher-quality corn flakes.


More explanation of corn flakes production line

I believe everyone knows that corn flakes are a trendy quick breakfast food. Its most prominent feature is that it is convenient to eat and rich in nutrition. In the fast-paced life, busy life, especially office workers. It is a very good choice for people, but also suitable for children and the elderly.


How are corn flakes made? What I want to introduce here is a special equipment for making corn flakes-corn flakes-making machine. This is a new type of advanced equipment that solves the problems of sticky material on the roller, low film ejection rate, low molding rate, and poor taste. Reasonable equipment matching and achievable process control ensure the production of high-quality and delicious products.

The corn flakes production line can use corn flour, wheat flour, rice flour, or other grains as raw materials to produce corn flakes, nutritious oatmeal, and foods of various shapes. They are not only used as a breakfast mixed with milk or coffee but also as casual snacks. By changing molds and production lines, puffed foods of different shapes, such as rings, balls, slices, stars, letters, etc., can be made.


The corn flakes production line is developed and manufactured using advanced extrusion technology. Its technical performance and quality indicators have reached the international advanced level. It has been widely used, especially suitable for small and medium-sized food processing plants. It is ideal equipment and can bring considerable economic benefits.


Buying guide for corn flakes production line

The demand for corn flakes continues to increase, and the market prospects are still good. If you want to develop corn flakes production business, please contact us, hoping to become your friendly partner.


1. Will corn flakes gain weight?

Corn flakes can be eaten directly or processed into other foods. There are also many flavors of corn flakes. The most common are light corn flakes, sweet corn flakes, and salted corn flakes. The corn flakes machine can produce corn flakes of various flavors for consumers to choose from. As a very popular food, many people care about whether corn flakes will gain weight after eating corn flakes.

Generally speaking, as long as it is a scientific and reasonable diet, you will not gain weight. Corn flakes are rich in carbohydrates, which can provide a source of energy for the human body. In addition, corn flakes also contain a lot of other nutrients, such as vitamin B1, vitamin B5, and vitamin C, which help prevent certain diseases.

The dietary fiber content in corn flakes is also relatively high, which helps to reduce the blood sugar level of diabetic patients and lower the cholesterol level in the human body. There are other benefits of corn flakes. Therefore, as long as the diet is scientific and reasonable, eating corn flakes will not lead to obesity, and it is also beneficial to the body.


2. Features of corn flakes production line:

1. The main extruder adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which has a high degree of automation.

2. Forced lubrication system to ensure longer transmission life of the equipment.

3. The automatic temperature control system and self-cleaning function make it more convenient to use.

4. It has a wide range of applications and can produce products of different types and shapes.

5. The screws are made of stainless steel and special technology, which have the advantages of durability, high-pressure resistance and long life.


3. The main equipment functions of the corn flakes production line:

1. Mixer: Mixing various raw materials with a motor-driven stirring cage, automatic water adding device, and pneumatic discharge valve, mixing uniformly, quickly, and without leakage.

2. Twin-screw extruder: extrude the raw materials from the mold to produce corn flakes or other foods of the required shape and size, which is composed of a feeding system, an extrusion system, a cutting system, and a heating system.

3. Tablet press: the puffed corn kernels are pressed into corn flakes, the motor drives the two pressing rollers to rotate in opposite directions, and the speed of the pressing rollers is adjustable.

4. Dryer: Puffed food has a certain amount of moisture. During the drying process, the heating source can be electricity, gas, steam, and fuel.

5. Hot air baking machine: high-pressure blower sprays hot air to make corn flakes instantaneously puffed and foamed. The product will be more crispy after hot air baking.

6. Seasoning machine: used to season food to make the final product taste more delicious and better.

7. Packaging machine: used for final packaging of the produced food, and then sold.

Each piece of equipment in the corn flakes production line has its own merits and cooperates with each other to realize 24-hour continuous production. Produce higher quality corn flakes. The manufacturer has also developed various models and specifications for corn flakes and will also provide customized services to allow more food processing plants to purchase the most suitable production line.


4. How to choose corn flakes

1. Made from whole grains

Most corn flakes use whole grains such as oats, brown rice, or cornflour as the first ingredient, most of which are above 70%. When choosing, you can choose corn flakes composed of a variety of grains. You can eat several types of corn flakes together, or you can eat different types of corn flakes.

2. Pay attention to whether you add too much sugar

Some corn flakes have too much sugar, and others have additional sugar content, such as honey, maple syrup, caramel, glucose syrup, etc. If there is no other rich food pairing, it should be a nutritious breakfast that has become a dessert. Under the principle of moderation, the sweetness and specific sweetness can be selected according to personal preference.

3. Some nutrients will be destroyed during processing

During the processing of corn flakes, some nutrients may be destroyed during the extrusion process. Compared with corn, corn flakes are slightly less nutritious, but the nutritional value is still relatively high, which is good food. It can be a great milk companion, especially suitable for children who are not interested in milk. You can try some special-shaped corn flakes to attract children.

4. Look at the vitamin and mineral content

Many corn flakes are added with a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other trace elements, such as iron, vitamin C, and so on. According to your actual situation, you can give priority to some nutritionally fortified corn flakes. For example, if you have iron-deficiency anemia, you can choose an iron-fortified oatmeal breakfast.

5. Look at the cellulose content

On the basis of choosing low-sugar corn flakes, corn flakes with higher cellulose content can be preferentially selected. The human body's demand for cellulose is still very high. At breakfast, if the content of corn flakes is not enough, you can add some nuts, dried fruits, and vegetables when brewing to ensure vitamin supplementation.


5. What is the material of the corn flakes production line?

The entire production line is made of food-grade stainless steel. The food-grade stainless steel and conveyor belts selected by our technicians are all food-grade materials. Our accessories are also well-known domestic brands.


6. What are the advantages of the corn flakes production line?

1. It is made of food-grade stainless steel, durable, and has a long service life.

2. The application of a PLC control system makes the operation very simple, and workers can easily get started after simple training.

3. The production method is fully automatic, and the production efficiency is very high.

4. Energy-saving design, low energy consumption in the production process, which can reduce production costs.

5. It can process a variety of breakfast cereals and has a wide range of applications.

The corn flakes production line has outstanding performance and advantages, and the corn flakes produced are of very high quality in practice. The production line consists of a mixer, an extruder, a dryer, a tablet press, an oven, a seasoning machine, a conveyor, and a packaging machine, each of which has a different purpose.


7. Comparison of corn flakes production line and traditional processing methods

1. The corn flakes production line adopts advanced extrusion technology to ensure that the corn flakes do not puff after being cooked, and the taste is richer and more nutritious than traditional processing methods.

2. In terms of production efficiency, the corn flakes production line is fully automatic, far more efficient than traditional processing methods, which means that we can produce and process more products to meet more orders.

3. In terms of hygienic quality, the corn flakes production line adopts food-grade stainless steel and a self-cleaning system, which can guarantee the hygienic quality of the production process, there is no pollution in the production process, and there are no "three wastes" problems, which can effectively help us realize green production.

8. How to reduce the occurrence of failures in the corn flakes production line?

The first point is to do a good job of maintenance, regularly clean up the dust and add lubricating oil to the machines in the production line. The second point is to check on time whether the machine is malfunctioning or there are hidden dangers. The third point is that if there is any problem, you must contact the technical staff to solve it in time, and you can't leave it alone. Otherwise, it will cause more significant failure.


9. How to clean the corn flakes production line

1. Before preparing for cleaning, check whether the power supply is cut off to ensure the personal safety of the cleaning personnel.

2. Pay attention to the details and the cleaning of the corners when cleaning. Thorough cleaning can ensure food safety.

3. Pay attention to avoid damaging the machine when cleaning to extend the service life of the biscuit production line and ensure the safety of the device.

The above three points are the three safety issues that need attention to when cleaning the corn flakes production line: personal safety, food safety, and machine safety. Only by starting with the details can we produce better products.


10. What is the price of the corn flakes production line?

We receive orders for more than 100 corn flakes production lines every month. For this reason, we can purchase materials and produce corn flakes production lines in large quantities, and then we save production costs for our customers, so we have a very competitive market the price of.

We provide good prices to support each customer to start a good business. You can research and discover that our prices are the best in the same market.


11. What if a novice can't operate the machine?

We will let our technicians teach you how to use it hand-in-hand. During the epidemic, we will also intuitively show you how to operate each button through recording videos and videos with explanations and operations. We will explain the functions and functions of each corn flakes production line in the article one by one from beginning to end.


12. How to make corn flakes easily?

The corn flakes production line adopts PLC operating system and advanced mechanical structure to realize fully automated production-continuous feeding, automatic flattening, automatic cutting, and cross-cutting. Compared with traditional hand-made methods, it reduces a lot of production costs and improves production efficiency.

By changing the raw material formula, the corn flakes production line can produce many different types of products. The shape of the corn flakes can be round, square, semi-circular, and triangular.


13. Can be eating corn flakes lose weight?

1. Corn contains a lot of calcium and vitamins, which can lower cholesterol and reduce fat production.

2. Corn also contains magnesium, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation.

3. Corn is more resistant to hunger, and proper eating will make people feel full, which will reduce the intake of other foods.


14. Maintenance work of corn flakes production line

1. Troubleshooting: If the equipment fails, it must be solved immediately. The equipment must be shut down first to ensure the safety of the workers on the production line. Many small faults are caused by the accumulation of time, and all problems should be solved immediately.


2. Dust cleaning: As we all know, the corn flakes production line in the factory has always been continuous work, so long-term use of candy production equipment will leave a lot of dust. If the dust is not cleaned up in time and continues to work, in addition to a particular impact on food safety, It will also affect the operation of the entire equipment. There are also significant problems with the heat dissipation of the motor. Dust blocks the heat dissipation holes and allows the motor to continue processing at high temperatures, which has a severe impact on the service life of the motor. It is critical to carry out necessary maintenance work. Remove all the dust on the outer layer of the device and let the engine. Even if the operating temperature is released, continuous processing will not affect the motor.


3. Accessories lubrication: The internal components of the equipment play an important role in the performance of the whole machine, but under continuous processing, the wear effect of the accessories is intensified, and necessary lubrication is needed. It can alleviate the degree of wear of the accessories and play a specific protective role. , Extend the service life of the equipment.


15. Development prospects of corn flakes

Snack food is a component of informal meals and meals, and there are many consumer groups and markets at home and abroad.


Snack food has many types and forms, using a variety of raw materials and processing technologies. There are close ties with other branches of the food industry. At present, with the development of society and economy, the concept has also been broken through, and "Lunchable" snack foods have appeared, which has expanded the application fields of snack foods.


The proportion of snack food in household food consumption has increased, and the boundary between dinner and casual dining has become increasingly blurred. Consumers' out-of-home food consumption reached 8.06 billion euros in 2007, increasing 1.13 billion euros over 2002. The growth rate of snack food consumption was 2.8% from 2002 to 2006, while the growth rate of dinner food was 2.1%. As a manufacturer and retailer, we must adapt to the changes in consumers' eating habits, meet their needs for healthy snacks, and develop a mixture of dinner and snack foods.


16. Services of Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd.


We provide you with a suitable solution, which is useful and convenient.

We produce the products you need in the factory, and you can buy them without hesitation.

We provide you with factory design and processing line layout, as well as the design of water, electricity, gas, etc.

We have an experienced technical team that can meet customers' individual needs and produce customized machines for you.


Consulting services before, during and after-sale

Project planning and design service of corn Doritos potato chip machine.

Debug the equipment until everything is normal.

Long-distance transportation of management equipment from the seller's factory to the buyer's designated location.

Train equipment maintenance and operation personnel.

New production technology and formula.

Provide a one-year complete warranty and lifetime maintenance service.


17. Why choose the corn flakes production line of Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Because we can guarantee not only quality problems but also provide perfect after-sales service, we have not only microwave drying equipment but also a variety of food machinery for customers to choose from. Our machines have been exported to many countries and regions and received good feedback from customers. We will solve problems for customers as soon as possible, and our equipment will hardly have any problems under normal use.


And we have not stopped. We are still doing a lot of learning and absorbing advanced production technology at home and abroad, innovating and upgrading our equipment, making our equipment more advanced and efficient.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. took the lead in passing the ISO9000 quality system certification, and its products passed the CE certification.


Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. has a strong technical force, rich experience in product manufacturing, and a group of professional R&D personnel. It is a technological and industrial manufacturer integrating design, production, and sales. Our company has won the trust and praise of customers at home and abroad with a high degree of professionalism, advanced design concepts, reliable product quality, and a perfect after-sales service system. The company will provide new and old customers with more practical and intelligent products with a "professional design attitude and meticulous manufacturing concept."

Thank you for your trust and support!

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