How Is Pasta Macaroni Made In A Factory Step By Step?

Our pasta production line and Macaroni Production Machine is summed up by a number of pasta macaroni processing technical engineers who have more than ten years of experience. 
Loyal pasta line has a number of lines on pasta technology patents, which can provide you with the most detailed past macaroni spaghetti production formula and process documents, which can save macaroni processing  plant costs while improving good pasta development in the macaroni past spaghetti manufacturing industry makes your pasta project profitable in the pasta products manufacturing industry. 
The raw material of pasta production line  is flour, how much profit can a pasta business make? many Pasta Company produces between 2600 usd of pasta a day. 
Even if all of this were plain dry pasta, it could bring in between 7000 usd and8000 usd  in retail sales each day.

The profit margin with a  pasta factory is very high: the cost of the raw material rarely exceeds 30% of the selling price of your pasta products

What is the production process of pasta? 

Pasta products are made by mixing ground wheat, water and eggs. These ingredients are usually added to a continuous, high-capacity screw extruder which can be equipped with a variety of dies that determine the shape of the pasta.
Pasta comes in many shapes and has different properties. Different flavours


The dry macaroni is made from durum wheat or other wheat.
The line standard requires the addition of 5.5% egg and egg yolk. The macaroni production process involves the addition of water to coarse flour, semolina, flour and other ingredients to form a stiff dough of approximately 30% moisture, which is then pressed, cut by a mill, dried, dried and so on.

Processing Flow Of Italian Industrial Macaroni Pasta Production Line

Macaroni Production Machine



Mix The Raw Material Powder With Water And Stir It Evenly.
It Is Made Of Stainless Steel And Does Not Leak During The Mixing Process.
The Effect Of High-Speed Mixer Is Better Than Low-Speed Mixer.


Convey The Mixed Material In The Stainless Steel Drum To
The Extruder Feeder. No Dust, No Pollution, No Leakage During The Conveying Process.

Macaroni Extruder

Extrusion Of The Raw Materials Is A Very Critical Step.
The Continuous Vacuum Extrusion Technology Is Adopted. The
Frequency Converter Controls The Speed Of The Main Motor, Cutter Motor And Feeding Motor.

Cutting Machine

Mainly For Cutting The Surface,
And The Cutting Speed Can Be Adjusted.

Cutting Machine

It Is Used For Baking And Drying Products, And The Drying Method Can Choose The Heating Method Of Gas, Steam, And Diesel.
The Running Speed Of The Mesh Belt Can Be Controlled By A Frequency Converter,
Or Electric Heating, With An Automatic Temperature Control System.

Cooling Machine

Cool The Dried Food, Lower The Temperature Of The
Macaroni, And Make The Product Easy To Pack.

Packaging Machine

Final Packaging Of The Finished Product,
Weighing The Product, Automatically Printing The Date And Sealing.

Mixing System-Extrusion System-Cutting System-Drying System-Cooling System-Packaging System

Macaroni Production Machine

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The macaroni production machine is an economical macaroni workshop machine designed and developed by our professional macaroni production equipment team with ten years of experience in macaroni production and design and a large number of food processing techniques, in response to the food market demand. 
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After-sales service by a food production process engineer with ten years' experience.
We offer guidance on the installation and layout of the macaroni plant!
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How do you start a pasta factory? Here Offer Macaroni Production Machine !

To open a pasta factory, it is a good idea in the current pasta market
You need to prepare a workshop of 50 square meters, which must be equipped with everything needed to prepare the pasta and sell the product itself.
Then you need either a pasta line or a macaroni line, in fact the two processes are similar.
One line can be used for the production of two or more products.
In the current pasta market environment, a small pasta factory can be managed by a family or by 2 - 3 people.
Barilla , Store brands , Mueller's , Ronzoni , Creamette , Buitoni ,American Beauty ,Skinner, San Giorgio pasta brand manufacturer can reach a profit of 30% of the raw material !
This income is the average for pasta and macaroni businesses.


The 2022-1 Macaroni Production Machine has reasonable design and superior performance. These equipments are developed by our macaroni industry designers in combination with many years of macaroni production experience.
The production process of macaroni equipment is rigorous and serious. Every equipment detail has been carefully considered and checked at multiple levels, so the final product is very ideal.
The macaroni production line can produce a variety of foods, such as pasta, shell potato chips, white fungus shaped potato chips, pentagonal potato chips, cat ear shaped potato chips, macaroni, rice, chrome-plated noodles, etc. Different molds can be used to produce different foods. shape.
We can also make macaroni pasta models according to customer requirements to meet more customer needs.
Loyal is a professional manufacturer of macaroni equipment and pasta equipment.
The dedicated pasta production line technical team is here to help you. Solve any type of mechanical equipment and process problems in pasta production workshops.
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What Is Difference Between Pasta And Macaroni?
How Is Italian Pasta Made?
How Is Pasta Made In Industry?
What Is The Process Of Pasta?
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A Complete Buying Guide For The Macaroni Production Machine:

1. What is difference between pasta and macaroni?
Macaroni is a type of dried pasta that looks like a narrow tube. Although it is an Italian delicacy, it is famous all over the world. It is made from durum wheat and no eggs are used in its preparation. As macaroni is a type of pasta, it is also made from dough, from which pasta is also made.

2. Brief introduction of macaroni production machine
The macaroni production line mainly uses potato starch, corn starch, flour, etc. as raw materials, using a screw extruder and a unique extrusion molding process to produce short pasta and macaroni with various shapes that are popular on the market, such as crisp peas, shells, spirals, etc. Square tube, round tube, and wave shapes.
The macaroni making machinery adopts the most advanced technology in the industry to mix water and flour more fully. It can complete raw material mixing, extrusion, molding, drying, cooling, and packaging in one step. The entire production line is produced in an assembly line with very high automation. One or two people can complete the processing process, which can greatly save manpower and improve work efficiency.

3. Benefits of macaroni production machine
(1) The macaroni production line has reasonable design, high degree of automation and precise control of extrusion parameters.
(2) The main engine is equipped with high and low pressure screws, which increases the use range of raw materials, reduces costs and improves product quality.
(3) The screw is made of alloy steel and special technology, the screw life is longer, and the modular system structure is adopted, which can be combined at will. To
(4) The visualized automatic temperature control system makes the temperature control more intuitive, which is convenient for observation during operation and is clear at a glance.
(5) The whole machine is made of stainless steel, beautiful and atmospheric, and has a long service life. There are no pollutants or three wastes during the processing. The final product is high-quality and healthy, with excellent taste and rich nutrition.
4. Limitation of macaroni production machine
The macaroni making machine has many advantages, but it also has some shortcomings. For example, because the production line uses very advanced machines and all parts are excellent, compared with the previous equipment, the cost may be higher. Some, the cost is higher, but its performance is very superior, and the benefits brought by it are also higher.
In addition, because the production line involves a lot of equipment, although the degree of automation is high, there are many points that need to be paid attention to during operation. You may not pay attention to a certain equipment failure will cause the entire production line to stop running, so it is in use. During the process, carefully check the working condition of the equipment.
5. How macaroni production machine Works
The raw materials are mixed with water in a mixer, and the mixed flour is fed into the macaroni extruder by a vertical screw conveyor. The cylinder wall of the extruder is double-layered. The cavity is cooled by water and installed at the outlet end of the cylinder liner. There is a molding die. The wet flour is extruded from the die hole and rotated and cut into wet macaroni. The product automatically falls into the pre-drying machine. After pre-drying, it automatically falls into the far-infrared dryer. After drying, it automatically falls into the cooling device. After cooling, it is packaged The machine is packaged as a finished product.

6. Parts of macaroni production machine
(1) Feeder: Installed on the main engine, screw feeding, the quantity is adjustable, the system includes engine, screw, mixer and machine frame.
(2) Extruder: Use mixing, cutting, extrusion and other processes to make the material mature at low temperature, and strictly control the temperature of the roller and screw to meet the material requirements.
(3) Cutting machine: The shelf is fixed on the head of the mold and rotates and cuts the material under the push of the pulley.
(4) Heating machine: Divided into five zones, the heating temperature can be adjusted individually.
(5) Transmission system: The power of the main engine is transmitted to the screw through the V-belt and reducer.
(6) Control system: It can centrally control all parts of the host, which is the key to the production line.
(7) Vacuum pump: For macaroni, the biggest problem is that there are bubbles and air in it. With a vacuum pump.

How to make the macaroni pasta?

            Macaroni Production Machine List


Flour Mixer


Screw Conveyor


Single Screw Extruder With Cooling System


Pulling And Cutting Machine




Hot Air Circulation Oven


Cooling Conveyor