Pellet Chips Snacks

Pellet chips snacks use wheat flour, corn starch, potato starch, whole potato flour as raw materials, chips are produced dried and semi-processed by the pellet making process of mixing, extruding, shaping and drying to produce dried pellets chips. this can use different roller to make round, triangle and others shapes for many more manufacturer and supplier sales.

Extruder Snacks Pellets

Extruder snacks pellets made of corn flour, wheat flour,starch, salt. Low in Fat enriched with carbohydrates and proteins 100% Vegetarian It is in raw form Self texture gives crunchy bite and simultaneously melts while biting. it is snacks pellets manufactory use single screw extruder process to make.

3D Snacks Pellet

2D & 3D snacks pellet use wheat flour, corn starch, potato starch, whole potato flour as a main ingredient. Through screw extruding, it shapes various types of shape, through drying, frying and flavouring, it makes puffed leisure snacks with the crispy, tasty mouthfee and different vivid shapes.

Dough Snacks

Dough snacks also be called fried dough snacks,shrimp chips was made mainly by wheat flour ,corn flour  ,shrimp powder,garlic powder etc.It's one traditional snacks famous at malaysia, singapore, thailand, Indonesia and other countries etc.

Deep Fried Snacks

Deep fried snacks lucluding many different snacks like, chicken, nuggets,seafoods, meatballs,tempura,pigskin,coated vegetables,french fries,potato chips,peanuts,green bean,banana chips,doritos chips,shirmp chips,pellet snacks,kurkure and others.this is normally use a deep fryer or vacuum fryer. deep frying is classified as a dry cooking method because no water is used. due to the high temperature involved and the high heat conduction of oil, the food is then prepared quickly.

Flour Extruder Snacks

Bugles Snack,It have fried type and baked type,  can be made from  wheat flour, corn starch, potato starch and others as raw materials, It was same type snack with fried sala snack,sticks snacks,tree shape,fish shape etc.Adopt the brand-new production process, the products produced have a variety of appearance changes, a strong three-dimensional effect, and a delicate organization and a crisp taste.

Pop Corn

Popcorn is a popular snack for people. It uses corn as a raw material and is processed by a popcorn machine to make delicious popcorn. According to the shape, there are ball-shaped popcorn and butterfly-shaped popcorn. The flavors are original, chocolate, caramel,cream, various fruit flavors and so on.

Shaped Snack

Shape snack is also belong to puffing snack,it  with shaped regular  by shaping machine during the processing,such as ring,long stick etc.It was made by corn flour, rice flour, flour, cereal flour, etc. With differernt kind of  taste such as Chicken flavor, beef flavor, mustard flavor, onion flavor, etc. Such as Calbee brand snack.

Puff Snack

Puff Snack is make  by corn flour grits , rice flour ,wheat flour and other grains flour, these raw material cost is low,and very easy be found at the market,the shapes  of the puff  snack was various such as  cheese ball, corn chips,corn sticks snack,ring,star etc.It was  sold as puffing snack,also can be sold as baby cereal snacks.

Core Filled Snacks

Core filled snack production line design good manufacturilng process ,it was take corn flour,rice flour,wheat flour ,peanut butter,jam, cream and others as raw produce different type of core filled snacks,such as cream filled snack.chocolate pillow snacks,the snack shape can be long stick,short stick,flat stick,pillow,round stick. etc.

Bread Crumb

Bread Crumb can be made by Rice flour, corn flour, corn starch etc,In different shapes such as It was  widely used at frying food processing such as fried steak, fried chicken,fried seafood etc.Or be used at 

Instant Noodles

Instant Noodles was mainly made with wheat flour,water,salt,vegetable juice etc.It was also name fast food noodles, instant noodles, cup noodles.With dropping the hot water and delicious flavoring oil or seasoning bags,it will become a cup of delicious noodle to fresh you,the instant noodles can be made to square shape or round shape by instant noodles production line.It was be known as the famous brand NISSIN ,NONGSHIM,INDOMIE,SAMYANG etc. 

Nutrition Baby Rice Powder

Nutrition baby rice powder,also be called instant baby rice powder,instant porridge etc.It was mainly made by rice flour, soybean flour,starch,and others as raw materials .With addIing probiotics, dha, and vitamins  and other nutrition content. The instant  rice powder was very popular as its  rice nutrition, instant drinking , and various flavors.

Soya Nuggets

Soya nuggets also be named as soyabean protein,soya protein meat, it was made from low temperature soybean mealer.Because of its good water absorption and oil retention, it is an ideal meat product additive-it can increase the color, aroma and taste of meat products, increase protein content, and promote particle integrity.  In addition, the Soya nuggets has a good granular structure. After soaking, it can be made into vegetarian foods with various flavors. In the process of processing the...

Nutrition Bar

Nutrition bar also be knowned as energy bar,puffed rice bar,granola bar.It was made from roasted nuts,dried fruit,sugar,puffing grain cereals etc.The Shape of energy bar made by our energy bar production line can be round, square, semi-circular and triangular. Also can  coating with the chocolate or peanut butter on the surfact. Like the famous brand AMRITA,ROOBAR,NAKD.etc.

Kukure Chips

Kukure sometimes referred to as cheese curls,cheese puffs,Nik Naks, chataka pataka, twisties or bingo.It can be made from corn flour,wheat flour and other grain flour,baked or fried into different type.It was be famous be known as cheetos brand.

Fish Feed

Fish feed  pellet can be processing as  floating fish feed or sinking fish was making from meat meal, fish meal, bone meal, corn meal, soybean meal, grain flour etc. Highly protein fish feed,can make the fish growth fast&healthy, with better nutrient absorption.Both  floating fish feed  and sinking fish feed can be manufacturing by our fish feed production line.

Fruit And Vegetables

Vegetable washing machine, also known as commercial fruit and vegetable washing machine,it is specially designed for cleaning fruits and vegetables,herbs. It was be widely used at washing vegetables and fruit.such as---Leafy vegetables:  Spinach, cabbage, celery, spring onions, chives, etc.Fruits: Apples, pears, grapes, cherries, strawberries, dates, wolfberries, etc.Root products: Potatoes, cassava, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, onions, pumkin ,etc.

Doritos Chips

--Taste:Click, Crispy--Usage:Eat Directly As Snack--Shape:Triangle, Circle, Square, Etc.--Mainly Material:Corn Flour,Wheat Flour,Other Flour.Salt, Oil,Water etc.--Flavoring:Original Flavor,Tomato Flavor,Barbecue Flavor,Mustard Flavor, Fried Chicken Flavor, Sea Salt Flavor, Etc.--Eat With Salsa ,Chili Con Queso,Guacamole--Cooking As Dishes Together With Vegetable,Meat.Cheese Etc.--Made By Loyal’s Dorito Chip Production Line

Artificial Rice

Artificial Rice was mainly made from broken rice(after milling), sometimes with the addition of other cereals,   with adding  iron, zinc, vitamins etc .variety of nutrients during the processing , to produce a  nutrition rice required by human healthy.Artificial Rice Production Line can product different size,different shape,different color rice by changing the molds and formula. 

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