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Dear friend, are you thinking of buying an industrial deep fat fryer? Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. with eighteen years of rich experience in the industrial deep fat fryer industry, we are a leading manufacturer of the high quality industrial deep fat fryer. Welcome to contact us if you need.


Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. drawing on and absorbing advanced industrial deep fat fryer production experience at home and abroad, the entire production line is designed and produced following the standards of food machinery. Each step is strictly controlled, safe, and reliable.


Our industrial deep fat fry is popular because of the quality and functionality of our machines, and there is significant market potential for the finished products of the industrial deep fat fryer. When you want to start an industrial deep fat fryer business, trust the industrial deep fat fryers of Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. can provide you with an accurate and complete quotation and customize your industrial deep fat fryer to meet your needs.


Process Flow of industrial deep fat fryer

Prepare ingredients--check fryer and wiring-- turn on fryer--fry --clean fryer.

Before using the industrial deep fat fryer, prepare the required ingredients and then put the prepared ingredients into the deep fryer for deep frying; remember to clean the deep fryer in time after frying.


More Descriptions of industrial deep fat fryer

Industrial deep fat fryers are food machinery and equipment that use cooking oil as the main raw material for frying and cooking food. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. industrial deep fat fryers are fully automatic industrial deep fat fryers, allowing for continuous production, energy-saving, and reducing the number of workers, reducing expenditure on labor. At the same time, our industrial deep fat fryers have an intelligent temperature controller with a digital display. Our industrial deep fryers produce a uniform quality product with no black residue and a beautiful appearance. The fryers have a long service life, are robust, and of high quality.


Our industrial deep fat fryers can be used for various products such as pot pies, cat ears, chicken, fish, potatoes, and many more. Our industrial deep fat fryers are all made of food-grade stainless steel. With a very high level of technology, the fried food is not only colorful and fragrant but also safe and harmless. Because it not only has the above advantages, it can be produced on a single machine, so it is straightforward for a novice to get started and is also friendly to customers with low start-up capital and can reduce start-up capital investment.


Our industrial deep fryers are speedy heating, with a reasonable and straightforward internal and external structure for easy operation and a very innovative style for easy cleaning. The heating methods are electric, and gas, which can be selected according to the actual situation and are particularly user-friendly. Our industrial deep fryers are equipped with a mixer technology that automatically filters the residue after frying, thus extending the life of the oil and reducing costs.

Safety is paramount when using any machinery, and our industrial deep fat fryers come with high-temperature protection devices to ensure safety. Our machines also have an automatic temperature control system, which effectively separates poor-quality cooking oil and provides a high degree of automation. The automatic fryer is capable of mechanical stirring and automatic discharging, freeing up your hands. For example, if you have any problems with the machine after purchasing it, please contact us. We will have a professional technician to analyze the situation and give you a professional solution. We can guarantee that we are the lowest price for fryers of the same quality. We always uphold the principle of providing cost-effective machines for our customers and constantly experiment to find cost-effective materials and accessories.


Whether in terms of quality or price, we have an advantage. The future of the fryer is promising, so if you want to carry out business, you must choose a reliable machine from a professional company.


Buying Guide for industrial deep fat fryers

Want to start a food business but don't know which food machine to choose? Please take a look at our industrial deep fat fryer.


1. Product introduction

Automatic fryer includes frying system, automated deoiling system, and mechanical cooling and conveying system. The fryer system can automatically complete frying, mixing, deoiling, and conveying. The industrial automatic industrial deep fat fryer can use electric, gas, and diesel heating as the power source. The commercial fryer process can fry fried snacks, pellets, chips, beans, nuts, vegetables, and meat. The automatic continuous industrial deep fat fryer consists of an automatic belt conveying system, lifting system, refueling system, oil temperature control system; the industrial deep fat fryer sold by China industrial continuous food fryer manufacturer can use electricity, gas, or diesel as the power source.

Commercial continuous fryers can be heated using electricity, oil, gas, and coal. To prevent excessive oxidation of the oil, our fryers heat the central part of the oil layer and control the temperature of the upper and lower layers. The continuous fryer has a double layer of belts to evenly fry the product, which is fried between two wire belts without running freely. The stainless steel wire belt allows the product to be conveyed at an adjustable speed. To prolong the life of the oil, our continuous fryers can automatically filter the oil and control the temperature of the oil during the constant food fryer process.


2. What are the characteristics of our industrial deep fat fryers?

The first point is the high degree of automation, the continuous work, the small footprint of the machine itself, and the ease of operation.

The second point is that our industrial deep fat fryers are very economical in cooking oil and have a self-filtering system.

The third point, with one-year warranty service, after-sales service is perfect.

The fourth point is that there is a wide range of products available and the finished product is both beautiful and tasty.

The fifth point is that the product is healthy and high quality, using a unique process to keep all layers of cooking oil pure.

The sixth point is that the mesh belt is of stainless steel type. On both sides of the fryer, there are stainless steel conveyor chains.

The seventh point is that aluminum silicate insulation is placed between the inside and outside of the fryer to reduce the loss of heating.

Point eight, stainless steel plates are used for the interior of the fryer. A hydraulic test is also carried out to ensure that the fryer body is leak-free.


3. Where can industrial deep fat fryers be used?

In our daily life, we can always see that we are surrounded by food factories, supermarkets, school canteens, fast food restaurants, and so on, which can use deep fryers to make all kinds of delicious and crispy fried food.


4. What are the precautions when using an industrial deep fat fryer?

1. New vegetable oil should be used, not repeatedly, otherwise harmful substances will be produced, and there will be an increased fire risk.

2. The amount of oil used should not be too large or too full. Otherwise, it is likely to overflow and burn the worker, causing danger.

3. A designated person should be responsible for using the fryer, and it is strictly forbidden to leave the post during operation.

4. When cleaning the deep fryer, do not spray and wash it directly with water to avoid electric shock.

5. When the fryer is faulty, it should be checked and repaired immediately to ensure that it runs normally.


5. How do we use an industrial deep fat fryer?

Firstly, it is essential to note that the oil inside the fryer should be kept at a certain height when in use and should not exceed the safety line. Secondly, before using the industrial deep fryer must first check the relevant wiring. The fryer needs a lid to keep the sodium clean and insulated. When adding a cover, care should be taken that there is no water on the cover so that water does not drip into the pan and splash hot oil and injure people. Need to clear the pouring pot of oil, should first wait for the oil temperature down to room temperature, the frying basket, and guard plate to remove, cut off the power supply, and then the control box out, another put in a dry and clean place so that the frying pan can be put forward for cleaning.


6. The working principle of the industrial deep fat fryer

The fryer is stainless steel, with automatic temperature control, automatic discharge, automatic loading, and automatic stirring function. The fryer is used for frying the raw materials from the time of frying, lifting the fryer, and pouring it into the degreasing cylinder to transporting it out in one go. The temperature, frying time, and deoiling time are all controlled automatically by the PC machine. The frying effect is stable, and uniform and the oil content of the food can be effectively controlled, making the fried products have good color, aroma, and taste. The heating method is diversified and can be selected from coal, oil, gas, and electric heating according to the requirements.


7. Structure of industrial deep fat fryer

1. basic structure: automatic oil temperature control system, automatic lifting system, automatic filtering, and scraping system.

2. Heating system: electric heating tube, heat-conducting oil, coal, natural gas, liquefied gas, electromagnetic induction heating, infrared heating.

3. mesh belt conveying system: frequency conversion speed control, quantitative conveying, timing conveying.

4. Automatic filtering system: dynamic circulation system.


8. How to make fried food in a factory

The frying machine is a continuous production machine developed according to market demand and can produce many different types of fried food.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. can produce chips, pellets, beans, nuts and vegetables, meat, and other home-processed fried foods for sale. A variety of shapes can be produced by changing the molds, and the dosing and mixing of raw materials can be done online. The highly automated production not only has consistent quality fried foods but also saves labor and space, thus reducing production capital.


9. How can prevent frequent breakdowns of the industrial deep fat fryer?

Cleaning and maintenance:

Long time use of industrial deep fat fryers, if not timely clean residual food debris, not only will it cause food safety impact but also cause some impact on the equipment. In all large factories, the cleaning and maintenance of equipment are a must exist. Timely cleaning of food equipment will be failure problems to reduce, extend the life of the production line equipment, and bring you higher benefits.

Of course, some incorrect operations can have a serious impact on the equipment or lay down the risk of serious safety accidents. Regular cleaning to reduce faults is important, but the necessary training must be given to staff to make them familiar with the operation of the equipment to make the correct operation and reduce faults.


10. industrial deep fat fryer maintenance work

1. Troubleshooting: If equipment failure problems must immediately begin to solve the work, they first need to stop running equipment to ensure the safety of production line workers. Many small failures are slowly accumulating down caused by the problem should be resolved immediately.

2. dust cleaning: as we all know, the factory of fried food production equipment has been continuous work, then the long-term use of fried food production equipment will certainly leave a lot of dust, if not timely clean dust and continue to work, in addition to a certain impact on food safety, will affect the operation of the whole equipment. Motor heat treatment is also a big problem, dust blocking heat dissipation holes so that the motor continues to complete processing at high temperatures, the motor life is seriously affected, the necessary maintenance work is very critical, the outer layer of the equipment to remove all the dust so that the motor running a temperature is released even if the continuous processing is not affected by the engine.

3. fittings lubrication: the internal composition of the equipment fittings play an essential role in the performance of the machine, but under continuous processing, the effect of wear and tear of the fittings intensified, the need to add the necessary lubrication, both to ease the degree of wear and tear of the fittings, but also to play a certain protective role to extend the service life of the equipment.


11. How do you mass-produce fried foods?

Deep-fried food is one of the most popular snack foods and has become popular worldwide with a promising market. In a highly competitive market, manufacturers need to increase production efficiency to expand output as an effective way of capturing market share, and with technology nowadays, you need to use professional frying machinery if you want to mass-produce fried food.

The larger the machine, the greater the capacity, but the actual production situation of each manufacturer will vary, which requires manufacturers to choose the equipment that best meets their production needs, including the size of the production site or warehouse, the expected demand, the size of the machine and so on. In addition, production capacity will also determine the level of automation of the equipment, and a factory needs to use fully automatic production equipment.


12. How to operate an industrial deep fat fryer

The industrial deep fryer is made up of several components that work in perfect harmony to produce delicious fried food.

①Vibrating feederà②Continuous fryer(together with: Coarse Filter& Vacuum Filter /oil tank) à③vibrate deoil


13. Advantages of the industrial deep fat fryer

1. PLC controls the frying process automatically.

2. Automatic oil temperature control

3. Advanced temperature control device and reasonable stirring device ensure the best frying quality. Temperature up or down fast with low power consumption in high efficiency.

4. Heating way can be electricity, LPG or gas

5. Full stainless steel made, Can fry all kinds of foods without the Taint of odor

6. Oil temperatures all achieve full automatic control. The range is from average temperature to 230ºC but can not exceed 230ºC.

7. Oil temperature control precision is high, maximum limit of 0.9ºC, the lower limit of 0.9ºC (excluding the anti-oil temperature process).


14. Pre and after-sales service for industrial deep fat fryer from Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.

We provide you with the right solution for Industrial Deep Fryer, which is very useful and convenient.

We manufacture the fryer automatically in our factory, and you can buy it without any hesitation.

We provide you with the layout of the automatic deep fryer processing line for your plant design, as well as water, electricity, and gas.

With an experienced technical team, we can meet the individual needs of our customers and produce customized automatic deep fryers for you.

After-sales service:

Project planning and design of the automatic fryer service.

Commissioning of the equipment until everything is in order.

Management of the long-distance transport of the equipment from the seller's factory to the buyer's nominated location.

Training of personnel in the maintenance and operation of the fryer equipment.

New fryer technology and recipes.

Fryer service with a full one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.


15. Are our industrial deep fat fryers environmentally friendly?

This is a must. Our industrial hot air dryers are environmentally friendly and pollution-free and do not make much noise. The industrial deep fryer is made with the most advanced technology in the world, and the materials used are non-toxic and harmless.


16. Notes on the use of industrial deep fat fryers

1. designated by a person responsible for the use of the equipment operation, the operator is strictly prohibited from leaving the post.

2. should use new vegetable oil; repeated use is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, there is a risk of fire.

3. The amount of oil should not be too full to prevent boiling and overflowing, causing danger.

4. Put food into the frying pan. When frying, use a special frying basket or slide into the food against the pan wall to prevent high-temperature oil splash out scalding.

5. Food is too wet, and overloading at one time can easily cause excessive boiling.

6. When cleaning the fryer, do not spray its electrical parts with water to prevent short-circuiting of the circuit.

7. Equipment failure should notify the engineering department to overhaul to ensure that the equipment is running well.


17. What kind of environment is required for the installation of an industrial deep fat fryer?

Firstly, it must be used in a spacious environment, as oil can easily burn at high temperatures, and accidents can easily occur if the space is too small. Secondly, it is important to ensure that the voltage is stable and that the wiring is safe. Finally, it is important to emphasize the issue of ventilation, as it is important to maintain a dry and ventilated environment for the installation and operation of the machine.


18. Prospects for the development of fried products

With the public's standard of living, quality improvement, national support, the government's increasing attention to food safety intensified the rapid development and diversification of food machinery.

Frying machinery products and technology are changing day by day; the frying machinery market, a super gold mine, is gradually emitting eye-catching golden light. If you want to start a food business, frying machinery is a good choice, Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. can give you the most satisfactory answer both in terms of technology and machinery price.


19. Why choose industrial deep fat fryers from Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.?

Because we can not only guarantee the quality but also provide perfect after-sales service. We have not only industrial deep fat fryers but also a wide range of food machines for customers to choose from. Our machines have been exported to many countries and regions and have received good feedback from customers. Our machines are exported to many countries and regions and have received good feedback from our customers. We will solve problems for our customers for the first time, and there is hardly any problem with our equipment under normal use. Secondly, when you purchase an industrial deep fat fryer, we will develop the best solution for you to train your team and provide after-sales service, including installation, consultation, and maintenance. Many well-known companies are using our fondant machinery to produce fondant, nowadays fried food has become one of the most popular sweets if you also want to produce high-quality fondant, welcome to contact us and we will offer you the best price!


And we are not stopping there. We are still doing a lot of learning and absorbing advanced production technology at home and abroad, innovating and upgrading our equipment to make our equipment more advanced and efficient

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    Industrial Deep Fryer Machine Systems

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    Industrial Deep Fryer Oil Filter Machine

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    5-800T/Day Crude Oil Refinery Machine

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  • Industrial Deep Fryer Oil Filter Machine

    Industrial Deep Fryer Oil Filter Machine

    Place of Origin: Shandong China
    Brand Name: LOYAL
    Certification: CE,ISO9001,SGS,BV
    Model Number: OF-30-3 OF-50-5 OF-80-3 OF80-5
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