The best solution for drying materials of microwave equipment in 2020

New design of Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer

  • Continuous dry type, convenient and large capacity
  • Easy to control, convenient for continuous production and automation, because of the characteristics of fast adjustment of microwave power and no inertia, easy to real-time control.
  • Heat evenly
  • Microwave penetrates the material at the same time and is affected by inside and outside at the same time, fast drying speed, short drying time, even heating, high product quality.
  • Save energy
  • Microwave directly acts on food, almost no other heat loss, high thermal efficiency, compared with far-infrared heating, can save 1/3 energy.
  • Small equipment volume
  • It covers a small area and saves labor. Without thermal radiation, the working conditions are greatly improved.
  • Automatic continuous production
  • By adjusting the microwave power to heat and stop immediately, no thermal inertia, easy to control, easy to automatic continuous production.
Dry fruit
Dry tea
Dry seafood
Dry powder
Dry flowers
Dry nut
Chinese herbal medicine
Dry Seaweed
Dry Vegetable
Dry Meat


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Loyal Industrial

    Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of snacks extruder machine , hot air drying Machine , industrial microwave system , and a standing director of China Food and Drying Equipment Industry Association.
     The self-developed twin-screw extruder and single-screw equipment of Shandong Loyal Machinery have been used in production: puffed snack food, breakfast cereal corn flakes, fried pasta, bread crumbs, fruit chips, baby food, textured soy protein (TSP) food, fish feed and pet food. A variety of snack production line supporting products.At the same time, the batching, drying, flaking, baking, frying and spraying equipment matching the twin-screw extrusion system have all achieved independent design and production.
      Our extrusion system is widely used in: puffed snack foods, breakfast cereals, vegetable protein meat products, soy based nutrition bars, reconstituted rice, grain nutrition powder, modified starch, starch-based sticky music children's educational toys, degradable starch-based packaging Filling materials, bread crumbs and other food additives, pet food, aquatic feed, biology and chemical industries.