1000kg/h Butterfly Pea Industrial Microwave Oven Will Be Sent To Thailand

2022-01-19 11:22:18

1000kg/h Butterfly Pea Industrial Microwave Oven Will Be Sent To Thailand by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. , we provide latest information about the products regularly.

The inquiry about the industrial microwave oven customer is Kitisak who come from Thailand. Kitisak is a agent of the trader company. Last year he helped his client buy a fish feed production line from our company. This time he is also help his Thailand customer to buy a industrial microwave oven for the butterfly pea.

(Industrial Microwave Oven)

Butterfly pea flower is a natural food coloring agent. Some pastries in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia are blue, and they are dyed with the pigment of butterfly pea flower. Butterfly pea flower can also be used to make tea. Butterfly pea flower has the effect of anti-oxidation, enhancing brain power, hair care, and improving resistance.


(Butterfly Pea)

After communicating with the Thailand customer Kitisak about the use and specific details of the dried butterfly pea, we recommended the industrial microwave oven the customer.

The advantages of Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer


Continue dry modelconvenient with high capacity.


Microwave penetrates through the material and affect it from inside and outside at the same time, resulting in rapid drying speed, short drying time, uniform heating and good product quality.


Thermal effect and non-thermal effect works together for sterilization, which is quick and of low temperature. The flavor and nutritional components of material are retained to the maximum.


Microwave works directly on the food, there is almost no other heat loss, it is of high thermal efficiency and saves 1/3 energy comparing with far-infrared heating.


Small land occupation, saving labor. No heat radiation, the working conditions are greatly improved.


Immediate heating and stop by adjusting the microwave power, no thermal inertia, easy to control, convenient for automatic and continuous production.


The microwave dryer technology can maintain the original color and nutrients to the greatest extent.


  1. a period discussion with industrial microwave oven customer Kitisak, Customer more care about the machine capacity and specific machine details, then finally customer confirm the 1000kg/h butterfly pea industrial microwave oven.

(Finished Butterfly Pea Industrial Microwave Oven Pictures)

Technical Parameters Of Industrial Microwave Dryer


Size L*W*HCan be customized according to the customer's requirements

Output power







LY -30KW



LY -40KW



LY -50KW



LY -60KW



LY -70KW




In the process of communication with customers, customers are also more concerned about the company's after-sales service, as well as the warranty period of the machine. We showed our company's SGS, ISO, CE and other certificates to Thailand , as well as video communication to reassure end customers and enhance their trust in us. Ans also due to we have cooperated with each before, then the customer final make an order from our company.

Our service Of Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer


Supplier should trial run whole line at supplier's factory before shipment;


Supplier has to run the machine at least 1hour for each machine;


All raw materials for that trial run to be arranged by supplier at their cost.


Free training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;


Provide 1 year complete warrant and life-time maintenance service;The seller is responsible for the nature damage of the machinery in one year except for man-made damage.


All spare parts and wearing parts are attached with the machinery for free; and these parts should be enough for one year use.