Industrial Microwave Cat Litter Drying Technology

2023-05-30 11:58:45

Introduction Of Microwave Cat Litter Drying Machine:

The microwave machine works by emitting microwaves that penetrate the cat litter and heats it up from the inside. This process eliminates bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that may cause the litter box to emit unpleasant odors. The machine's innovative technology allows it to dry and sterilize the cat litter much faster than traditional drying methods.The Microwave Cat Litter Drying Machine is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance. It is made using high-quality materials that are easy to clean and are durable. The machine is also energy-efficient and has a low power consumption rate, making it eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Parameter Of Microwave Cat Litter Drying Machine:

Equipment Model

LY-100 Industrial Microwave Drying Machine For Cat Litter

Rated Input Apparent Power


Height Of Conveyor


Inlet And Outlet Height


Width Of Conveyor Belt


Microwave Leakage Standard


Operating Frequency


Transmission Speed

0~10m/Min(Adjustable Frequency)


Feature Of Microwave Cat Litter Drying Machine:

1.Quick and efficient: The machine's advanced technology ensures that drying and sterilization happens quickly, saving you time and effort.

2. Easy to use: The machine is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate, requiring minimal setup and no special skills.

3. Low maintenance: The machine is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.

4. Energy-efficient: The Microwave Cat Litter Drying Machine is an energy-efficient option for drying cat litter, helping you save on electricity bills .


Details Display Of Microwave Cat Litter Drying Machine







Applications Of Microwave Cat Litter Drying Machine:


Drying and sterilizing other pet-related items

The machine can also be used to dry and sterilize other pet-related items such as pet bedding, toys, and grooming tools.


Drying and sterilizing household items

The machine can also be used to dry and sterilize household items such as dish towels, cloth napkins, and baby bottles.


Sterilizing medical equipment

The machine's sterilization capabilities can be used to sterilize medical equipment such as syringes, scalpels, and thermometers.


Drying and sterilizing food items

The machine's microwave technology can be used to dry and sterilize food items such as herbs, fruits, and vegetables, preserving their freshness and keeping them free of harmful bacteria.


Advantages Of Loyal Microwave Drying And Sterilization Equipment:

1.Adopt Food Grade Stainless Steel, Nice Appearance, Easy To Clean.

2.Microwave Can Penetrate Through The Materials So That The Inside And Outside Are Heated At The Same Time, Short Processing Time,Evenly Drying And Thorough Terilization. No Extra Heat Loss, High Heat Efficiency, Saving Energy.

3.Thermal Effect And Non-Thermal Effect Work Together, Achieving Ideal Sterilization Effect At Low Temperature And Short Time, The Vegetable Can Keep Their Nutrition Components To The Maximum.

4.Adopt Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Measurement Technology, High Precision, Automatic Control.

5.Frequency Adjustable Conveyor Speed, Step-less Adjustable Microwave Power, Instant Heating And Stop, No Thermal Inertia,Convenient Operation.