Cookies making process

2020-06-30 19:29:06

Cookie is a kind of biscuits similar to snack foods, also known as sweet cookies. It is a product with good ingredients and high grade in biscuits. Its standard ratio is oil: sugar=1: 1.35, (oil+sugar): flour=1:1.35. The dough is small in elasticity, smooth and soft, and has excellent plasticity. It has a deep pattern, a strong three-dimensional effect, a embossed pattern, and a block shape is generally not very large, but the film is thick, which can prevent cracking of the cookies.It belong to the high class quality products in the biscuit product.

 The main ingredients of         cookies:

  Eggs, flour, butter, sugar, dried fruits, etc.

Types of cookies:

Butter Cookies ,Chocolate Cookies ,Cranberry Milk Cookies, Chocolate Soft Cookies, Cheese Cake Cookies ,Three Squeeze Cookies, Purple Potato Cookies



Dough Mixing -Shaping-Baking-Packing


1.Cookies  ram material mixing processing
Pour the millet powder,wheat flour,milk powder,salt,sugar powder,vegetable oil,butter,egg etc. Into a blender in a certain proportion,then add ammonium bicarbonate and other materials and stir for 10to 15 minutes.


2.Cookies Shaping processing
Place the stirred dough into the device with the cream-shaped mouth.( Two forming methods:deopositor and wire cutter,.multifucntion cookie machine can make  all kindS of dessert,cookies,biscuit ,deposited cookies and wire cuted cookies.  make dozens of fancy cookies, baby cake, pie melon seeds, apricot per cake. It brings you unique and different flavor)

3.Cookies  biscuit baking process
The formed biscuit is placed in the oven ,at the temperature of 220 for 5 to 10 minutes. 

4.Cookies cooling processing
Cookies have a high content of sugar and oil, then the products are very soft at high temperatures. When just out of the oven, the surface temperature of the cookies can reach about 180 ℃, so it is particularly necessary to prevent cookies  shape be changed. After cooling for 6-10 minutes, the moisture in the cookie is relatively stable and can be packaged.




Cookie processing plant

What we can offer customers


Mixing Machine






 Rotary convension oven

16 Rotary oveN, 32 Rotary ove,64 trays Rotary oven

Can be gas heating,electric heating,Diesel heating


Packing Machine

 Cookies  pillow packing machine,Vertical packaging etc.


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