Do You Know The Maintenance Skills Of The Instant Noodle Production Line?

2020-10-30 11:44:27

With the continuous progress and development of society, more and more fully automatic instant noodle production lines are used. In order to reduce the occurrence of failures and extend the service life of the small instant noodle making machine, it is very necessary to maintain it regularly. So how to maintain the instant noodle making equipment? Next, Shandong Loyal will explain the maintenance tips for the automatic instant noodle production line:

fully automatic instant noodle production lines


1. The heating tube must be immersed in the medium to work;

2. In summer, the oil-water mixed fryer changes the water once a day. In winter, it can be changed regularly according to the water quality to protect the oil quality;

fully automatic instant noodle production line


3. The oil must be added to the furnace body before the frying function is powered to avoid burning the electric heating tube;

4. Regularly check the performance and sensitivity of the photoelectric switch;

fully automatic instant noodle production lines


5. The heating tube should be cleaned in time after using for a period of time, at least four times a month;

6. Clean up the residue on the surface of the fryer in time. The residue should not accumulate too much or too thick to prevent the heat stored in the residue from causing a fire.

fully automatic instant noodle production lines

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