Pet Feed Microwave Sterilization Equipment - Shanghai Mr. Xu visit

2020-07-11 10:12:37

More and more people like to keep pets, and pet feed has become a popular product, pet feed processing need for sterilization treatment. Mr. Xu, the boss of a company in Shanghai that produces, processes and sells pet feed, have been doing this for many years, and the company has grown in size. Due to the backward sterilization methods in the past, some equipment is not up to date with the requirements, so he plans to buy new microwave sterilization equipment for pet feed.

Microwave sterilization equipment for pet feed

After reading the announcement on the Internet, manager Xu contacted our Leader Microwave Equipment Company. He explained to us the purpose of this call, and we answered his questions and some doubts in detail. Finally, he decided to visit the company to see our microwave sterilization equipment for pet feed.  

Advantages of microwave sterilization equipment for pet feed:

1. Energy saving

Conventional thermal sterilization usually has heat loss on the environment and equipment, while microwave sterilization equipment for feed directly sterilizes the feed, so there is no additional heat loss. It dramatically saves energy and improves efficiency.

2. Short time and fast speed

Conventional thermal sterilization is the transfer of heat from the food's surface to the interior by heat conduction, convection, or radiation. It often takes longer to reach the sterilization temperature. The pet feed Microwave Sterilization Machine is microwave energy and feeds direct interaction, the thermal effect, and the non-thermal effect to achieve rapid warming sterilization, treatment time significantly shortens.

3. Inside and outside simultaneously, sterilize evenly

Conventional thermal sterilization starts from the surface of the feed, and then through heat transfer to the internal, there are internal and external temperature differences. Company to maintain food flavor and shorten the processing time, the food interior often does not reach enough temperature and affects the sterilization effect. Due to the penetration effect of the microwave, pet feed microwave drying and sterilization equipment for the overall processing of food, both the surface and the interior are affected at the same time, so the sterilization is uniform.

4. Simple equipment and advanced technology

Compared with conventional disinfection and sterilization, pet feed microwave sterilization device has simple structure, no complicated pipeline system, coal yard, and transport vehicles, as long as the necessary conditions of water and electricity, advanced technology, simple and convenient operation.

5. Extend the shelf life

Microwave radiation penetrates the feed to produce a thermal effect and biological effect so that the feed itself generates heat. The temperature rises, there is a drainage system discharge. To achieve the purpose of drying, the biological effect of microwave sterilizer for pet feed can play the use of sterilization and mildew prevention and prolong the guarantee period of feed and improve the quality of feed.

Mr. Xu and his members visited

After coming to the company, we took them to visit the pet feed microwave sterilization equipment, bread microwave sterilization equipment, pickles microwave sterilization equipment, etc. They were delighted with the device and finally decided to buy two of our pet feed microwave sterilization machines. The visit was enjoyable, and the cooperation was very successful!