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2020-11-04 16:46:37

Rice is one of the main food sources worldwide. Many valuable nutrients are lost in the process of whitening and polishing rice. So we adopt Twin screw Extrusion technology, using broken rice as raw materials, finely pulverized and mixed with nutrient fortifiers, after conditioning through the action of steam and water, it enters the extruder to re-granulate, and finally mixes with natural rice after drying, you can get nutritious rice . 

Shandong Loyal Nutritional Rice Production line Introduction

This production line is developed for the large amount of nutrients lost in the rice during the traditional rice milling process. Rice and its by-products can be made into highly value-added products through the extrusion process. In this process, broken rice and rice bran can be reused. The whole production process is simple and easy to operate: the broken rice is crushed and mixed with a certain amount of moisture, oil, etc., at a certain temperature, the raw material is Extruder Middle-aged, then extruded through a die to form a rice shape, and finally the reconstituted rice grains are dried at a low temperature. This extrusion technology effectively avoids the loss of nutrients, and thus becomes nutrient-rich fortified rice. 


Device Configuration

①Powder mixer ②Screw conveyor ③Twin screw extruder ④Vibration cooler ⑤Air conveyor ⑥Dryer ⑦Conveyor ⑧Polishing machine


It is understood that regular consumption of nutritious rice can improve people’s dietary nutrition, supplement the lack of micronutrients, meet the normal physiological needs of the human body, and reduce the occurrence of various nutritional deficiencies, thereby improving people’s health. 

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