Single Screw VS Twin Screw Extruder

2020-07-06 14:14:58

In the market, puffed foods are very popular and loved by people, such as the QICHI French fries, Onion rings, potato sticks, cheese sticks,corn curls, LAY‘S potato chips, cheetos, Chiduo, Orion . Do you know how are puffed snacks made? In the snack food suppliers, most puffed snacks are made from snack machine of snack food machinery manufacturers.has been widely used in food processing. Extruders is divided into single screw and double screw in structure single screw extruder, it including single screw extruder design and twin screw extruder design. .  

single screw vs twin screw extruder

Single screw extruder  

Twin screw extruder

mixing capability is very limited

remarkable mixing capability, mixing to be precisely adjusted leading to control the degree of mixing.

Lower process productivity

higher process productivity  

Tempreture is not easy to control

Controllable constant temperature

Raw materials is potato starch, corn starch, cassva starch and others

Many kinds of grain powder like corn powder, wheat flour, rice powder, cereals powder and others

Easy to pour powder

Not easy to pour powder

Material sticking screw

Self-cleaning function

Snacks pellet, potato sticks,pellet wave chips

Cereals, corn flakes, puffy snacks, doritos chips, doritos chips and others


The working principle of the twin screw and single screw is different. There are big differences in the specific structure, especially the arrangement of the barrel, screw, thrust bearing and gear box. The comparison results of the twin screw and single screw under the same production capacity are as follows


single screw extrusion machine

double screw extruder

Price ratio



5 N





0. 9-3


Conveying capacity



Self-cleaning ability



   Maximum wear part

Discharge section and transition section

Restriction section and pinch section


Installation location

Not fixed

 Not fixed





Not good


Shear uniformity

Not good


Residence time ratio




Screw speed ratio



Thrust bearing performance ratio

More then 5.0

1. (J

Torque to pressure ratio

More then5.0

1 0

Gear box



Heat exchange

Not good








Wide range

Comparison of working principle of twin screw extruder and single screw extruder

The transportation of materials in the single-screw extruder depends on the friction between the materials and the barrel

The twin screw extruder is "forward conveying", which has the effect of forcing the material forward. In addition, the twin screw extruder also produces a shearing effect on the material at the meshing position of the two screws

The extrusion processing technology of single screw extrusion process, single screw extruder manufacturers use single screw extruder machine to make 2D 3D pellet, it have hign moisture inside, so this pellet can’t use directly, nust go to lower temperature dryer for 2-3 hours dryer, and then the moisture lower then 10%, can freid or baked the pellet to puffy.

The double screw extrusion in food processing is the cereals powder can directly puffing from the extruder machine. And then goto hign tempreture dryer for 10mins dryer is ok. Then seaning it foto pack.

The different snacks for single screw extruder and double screw extruder for sal

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