What is energy bar production?

2020-11-17 17:06:51

The energy bar production is all made of stainless steel 304. So which is easy to clean. And not easy to damage. Because our factory provides free after-sales and seasoning recipe. And conducts operations until products with good taste are produce. At the same time the twin-screw extruder largely keep the original flavor. Color and nutrient content of coarse grains. Such as wheat, rice, millet, and corn.

It is an ideal food processing machine. For the primary processing of sandwich rice crackers. It is also the production of crispy coffee, corn, and sandwiches. Ideal deal equipment such as snacks.

Energy bar production production process:

Powder mixing machine---screw elevator---twin screw extruder---sandwich machine---multifunctional shaping machine---lifter---oven---automatic seasoning line.

The line uses advanced co-extrusion skill to at the same time extrude two products. With different textures and flavors on the twin-screw main engine.

By changing the mold and the skill. The user is easier and better to make popular in the market.

Such as rice crackers, rice crackers, rice crackers. And small foods to face the needs of the market;

Molds and assist equipment can also changed to produce nutritional powder. as well as porridge and various shapes of puffing foods.

The line is at the high level in China with its point of "wide range of suit raw materials. Easy make and mend, low energy use, and high output".

The production line has a small size, quick product,

easy make and strong adapt. And is well comments by the industry.