What is Nutrition Powder Process Line?

2020-11-11 09:17:14

Nutrition powder process line is a professional automatic production line. It mainly uses various food such as rice, corn and bean food as raw materials. Through crushing, mixing, pressing, cutting, puffing, packaging, etc. Baby rice noodles, mung bean powder, sesame paste, etc. They can all made.

It is simple to operate and easy to use. It can save a lot of worker and material resources. Then, reduce the manufacturer's production cost. All materials made of it to ensure the safety and health of food and provide manufacturers. Consumers with un and high-quality nutritional powder.

It is mainly use to produce instant nutritional powders. Such as baby rice flour and sesame paste. Then, it is rich in nutritional value. Then, it is very easy to eat. So it has been recognize by many people.

The main raw materials of them are soybeans, corn, millet. Also, other grains as basic raw materials. And they are add. After a series of them. Also, other operations. They are finally produce.

It is easy to install and maintain. Then, it is very convenient for manufacturers. The high degree of it can reduce the labor burden of them. Also, it can provide consumers with clean and hygienic final products. Whether for buyers or sellers. It is very reliable.