What is the 4 head weighter packing machine?

2020-11-11 09:32:47


The 4 head weighter packing machine is suitable for packing many rolled or regular shaped products. Such as seeds, coffee, rice and sesame, etc. At the same time, it can be widely used in many industries. And then, its biggest feature is the high-precision digital weighing sensor. And then, it can weigh many different products at one time. At the same time, it can freely adjust the parameters. So, it can meet the different needs. And then, it uses computer control and Chinese and English touch screen. At the same time, its operation is easy without stopping the equipment. And then, its operation is very simple. For manufacturers, it can provide a variety of different packaging forms. Such as back-sealing bags, perforated bags, and side-folding bags. Each packaging way is perfect. At the same time, it has received many high-quality reviews from consumers.

It can automatically complete the operation steps of bag making, weighing, unloading, sealing, cutting, etc. At the same time, it can also configure the printing batch number according to customer needs. So, it truly realizes a highly automated operation. Not only high production efficiency. At the same time, but also packaging quality. At the same time, it is very reliable. And then, it is suitable for many types of food packaging. Such as nutritional powder, rice paste, sesame paste, seeds, etc.. At the same time, for some fragile foods. Such as potato chips, etc.. At the same time, it can also achieve a very perfect packaging effect.

At the same time, it uses touch screen operation and PLC control system. And then, it has stable performance and accurate accuracy. So, it can meet the long-term use needs of manufacturers. Once put into use for a lifetime. The 4 head weighter packing machine is a very cost-effective machine!

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