What is the difference between a commercial microwave and a residential microwave?

2021-11-10 15:45:29

Microwave oven is a very common kitchen equipment, using the microwave oven can produce a huge number of gourmet food, the application is very wide. Nowadays, not only in our family kitchens, but many restaurants also use microwave ovens, which can bring them higher income.

The microwave oven used in the business is a commercial microwave oven, which is different from the microwave oven used in our family. So what is the difference between commercial microwave ovens and home microwave ovens?

What is the difference between a commercial microwave and a residential microwave?

1. Glass turntable

Commercial microwave ovens do not have a glass turntable because adding the glass turntable will reduce the available space in the cavity. After adding the glass turntable, all the food must be rotated to be heated. The larger plate is very inconvenient to turn, it is easy to break, so commercial microwave ovens usually use an easy-to-clean ceramic base. In contrast, home microwave ovens use a glass turntable.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Compared with home microwave ovens, commercial microwave ovens are more cost-effective. A well-maintained high-quality commercial microwave oven can be used for 5-10 years, and under the same circumstances, the use time of a household microwave oven will be significantly reduced.

3. Operation time

Most home microwave ovens are designed for home use, usually no more than 10 minutes of operation per day, while commercial microwave ovens are designed for professional business and can be used for several hours a day or even continuous operation. Therefore, commercial microwave ovens run longer and more work.

4. Convenience

Commercial microwave ovens have a fully programmable control panel, so the menu heating time and settings can be programmed into the microwave oven control panel, heating food will become very simple. It ensures a fast and reliable way to heat food, even if a very large number of customers can easily cope with it, and the food is heated out of the same quality standards. Home microwave ovens need to set their own time and power each time they are used, more trouble and easy to cause problems with food heating.

5. Microwave leakage

Commercial microwave ovens are made of more robust materials and have higher safety features, even in the harsh kitchen environment, can also be excellent protection against microwave radiation. In contrast, the protection standards of household microwave ovens are not so high. The user in the use of the family kitchen space and other factors will inevitably contact microwave radiation. There is a certain amount of harm to the body.

Commercial microwave ovens and home microwave ovens are very different, but they can both play a maximum role in their respective positions. Commercial microwave ovens are simple to operate, workload, long-running time, more suitable for commercial kitchens, while home microwave ovens are small, fast heating, small investment, more ideal for home kitchen use.

Nowadays, microwave ovens play a vital role in our daily lives and are widely used in almost all industries, especially in the food processing industry. The use of superior performance of microwave ovens means access to a larger market.

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