What is Three side seal sauce bag packing machine?

2020-11-17 15:35:43

It is a professional sauce packing machine. Which it can pack salad dressing, thousand island dressing, ketchup, black pepper sauce, etc. It uses liquid pump measuring parts. Also, during the packaging process. Achieve high measurement. And meet the different needs of them. It can also be customize.

Also it can be OPP/CPP, OPP/PE, PET/PE. Other films, etc. Also with a wide range of them. It has fast packaging speed, high production efficiency and high quality of finished them after packaging. It is widely popular in the market . Then, it is a very reliable packaging equipment. Also it is also equip with a complete after-sales service system. Which it can solve all the worries of buyers. Three side seal sauce bag it is suitable for packing liquids with good fluidity. Such as ketchup, cream, salad dressing, sweet noodle sauce and sesame sauce, etc. Which it can achieve high-quality packaging.

It adopts a computer control system, simple operation, stable and reliable operation, high bag-making accuracy, adjustable cutting knife. Then, it can realize a kind of shape cutting, pattern cutting, etc. It is very easy to change the cutting knife. Also, it can choose three-side sealing or four-sided sealing. Which it is more to responding to different market needs. The packaged finished it is beautiful. And it has been recognize by them. It is the high-quality equipment in today's liquid product packaging industry. And it is very trusty!