Why Choose To Buy Pet Food Production Line

2021-07-29 18:41:24

The daily common dry pet food is mostly produced by puffing (extrusion) technology, which has good palatability, but the flavor is not good, and the loss of nutrients is serious.

With the continuous increase of residents' income and the expansion of pet owners, the pet industry has developed rapidly in recent years. In the context of consumption upgrades, pets are paid more attention, awareness of raising pets, and purchasing power increased, and the "treatment" of pets is also rapidly increasing. Therefore, pet owners have increased their requirements for nutrition, safety, and palatability of pet food. It Forces manufacturers to speed up the upgrading of industrial pet food making machine.

In recent years, cute and lively pet cats and pet dogs have become the emotional sustenance for modern people to obtain comfort, and they are also the objects of companionship and talk. Especially in the ever-growing urban single population and fast-paced life, pets have become a good remedy for alleviating "loneliness". Nowadays, driven by the demand of the pet market, the automatic pet food equipment market has prospered, including pet food, pet supplies, pet medical treatment and pet services.

Among them, as a very large segment of the pet food industry, it is also an indispensable daily "ration" for pet dogs and cats. Automatic pet food production line has ushered in explosive growth. According to pet food industry statistics, the proportion of pet food consumption will increase year by year from 2010 to 2020, and will exceed 60% in 2020, reaching more than 60%. In 2020, the scale of China's pet food will reach about 138.2 billion yuan, and the market size is expected to reach 214.3 billion yuan in 2025.

From the perspective of pet food sub-categories, the pet food industry consumes mainly pet staple foods and pet snacks, with staple foods accounting for the majority, and the pet food snack market is relatively fragmented. There are dry food and wet food for pets. Pet snacks include dried meat, biscuits, chews, etc. With the rapid popularization of the concept of scientific pet food, pet owners pay more attention to the nutrition, composition, formula and palatability of the ingredients, the status of the pet, user reputation, brand awareness, etc. when purchasing pet food.

The upgrading of pet owners' requirements for pet food will undoubtedly accelerate the release of high-quality market potential, forcing the pet food equipment processing industry to continuously optimize production processes and technologies to fully lock the nutritional components of pet food, enhance flavor and taste, and improve pet food quality. It is understood that some companies start with the pet food production process, subdivide the flavor and taste of pet food, and launch puffed, air-dried, freeze-dried, and low-temperature bakery products. Among them, freeze-dried pet food is becoming more and more popular in the market.

The daily common dry pet food is mostly produced by puffing (extrusion) technology, which has good palatability, but the flavor is not good, and the loss of nutrients is serious. However, freeze-dried pet food uses vacuum freeze-drying technology. Under the action of a vacuum freeze-dryer, pet food is freeze-dried at low temperature to avoid damage to nutrients by conventional high-temperature pet food processing, and there is no need to add artificial preservatives, artificial food attractants, and artificial Pigment not only locks in nutrients, but also promotes pet appetite.

As a huge "cake", the pet food machine market is attracting more and more brands, and more players may join in the future. However, with the increasing awareness of pet owners about pet food safety, increased attention to nutrition, safety and quality, in the long run, companies should continue to strengthen nutrition research and development, from the perspectives of automatic pet food production process, formula, palatability, etc. Optimizing and upgrading may better meet the consumer needs of pet owners, so as to break the situation and grow in the fierce competition.