Fryer Customers Visit And Sign Contracts

2020-08-27 19:41:28

Because the quality of our potato chips fryer has been recognized by customers. On the recommendation of an old friend from Bangladesh, a Chinese friend of his visited our stainless steel fryer factory this Thursday. Completed a thorough study of our deep fat fryer .

fryer machine

1.Automatic Batch Frying Machine Of Pellet Chips Snack Description

Commercial gas fryer Machine are efficient and easy-operated machines for making batch frying and continuous frying on snack food industrial production. 

Automatic puff snack batch frying machine project:

Fried food is more and more popular in market because of its good taste. Electrical puff chips fryer machine systems can make food crispy taste, make food good appearance, and is also good for healthy.



Heating Type





Electrical ,Gas





Electrical ,Gas





Electrical ,Gas



2.Industrial Bugles Snack Batch Frying Line Process

Batch fryer -- oil filter -- de-oiling machine -- seasoning machine -- conveyor

Batch fryer

Used for frying many kinds of foods, equipment with timmer, temperature controller, automatic stirring device, and automatic unloading device.


Used for filtering the sediments while frying, try the best to prolong the oil using life.

De-oiling machine

 Centrifugal de-oiling and continuous working, the de-oiling time can be adjusted, frequency conversion control speed, frequency conversion trig.

Seasoning machine

Continuous flavoring machine, we can adjust the tube speed and powder feeding speed to get the best mixing effect.


Convey the finished products to the next machine. 


3.Factory Fresh Potato Chips Batch Frying Machinery Application

100KG/H potato crispy chips snack large deep fryer can be used for frying formed coated products (tempura sea foods, coated chicken products), potato chips, french fries, puffed snacks, nuts, spring rolls, falafel, samosa, fish can products.

deep fryer machine

4.Batch Frying Machine Manufacture Processing
1) Gas heating, digital temperature controller,over temperature protection device.
2) Heating tube oil immersed, temperature from 0~300°C.
3)After frying the peanut, press the pan button, frying basket slowly rises.
 Frying basket rose to the highest point, fried basket of food can be poured out.
Press the back to the pot button, the frying basket slowly back to the initial position.

fryerfryer machine

After careful explanation and reception by our technicians. Our good friend is very satisfied with our commercial gas deep fryer and expressed his gratitude to us. He also recognized all aspects of our stainless steel fryer . Then we signed a purchase contract for the fryer. Thank you very much for your trust in us. We will work harder and harder to upgrade the industrial chip fryer to meet the needs of our customers.