Case Study Of Green Peas Automatic Batch Fryer Machinery

2020-08-27 18:52:20

As the professional green peas stainless steel deep fryer manufacturer, our commercial deep fryer design good manufacturing process. Automatic batch fryer machine can fried snacks, various nuts and meats, fish, frying various nuts, peanuts, beans, chicken,snacks chips, french fires,various nuts and meats, seafood for sale.

The main body of industrial frying machine is made of 304 stainless steel.

Automatic frying equipment adopts the mixing method of revolution and rotation synchronously to ensure the uniformity of food frying, prevent food from sticking to each other due to extrusion, and the mixing system uses frequency conversion speed regulation.

Commercial electric deep fryer’s automatic discharging system reduces the labor intensity of the workers, ensures the consistency of the cooking time of the food in the frying machine, and improves the product quality.

Automatic batch fryer machineryParameter of automatic deep frying machine:




Heating Type of automatic deep fryer





Electrical ,Gas of automatic deep fryer





Electrical ,Gas of automatic deep fryer





Electrical ,Gas of automatic deep fryer



Features & advantages of deep frying equipment:



Gas or electricity or electromagnetic as heating source


Oil-water separation filtering system or pure oil filtering system


Automatic planetary stirring and mixing, ensure products being uniformly fried and prevent them from compression and adhesion


Automatic discharging and optional automatic feeding, through motor-driven manner to reduce labor intensity


Automatic temperature control: 0-300℃ to be set at your will


With wheels easy to move

Products application of green peas automatic industrial deep fat fryer:

Applicable to medium and small fried food processing enterprises, can process a variety of foods.

Green peas snacks sample

Applicable products are: broad beans, green beans, peanuts and other nuts; Fried potato chips and other puffed food; shaqima, sesame and other flour products; Meat pieces, chicken legs and other meat products; Croaker, hairtail and other aquatic products; Dried bean curd, bean curd bubble and other soy products and so on.

After half a month of negotiations, the customer from domestic Mr. Zhang visited Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd., mainly focusing on the green peas automatic batch fryer machine.

After a day's visit and study, Mr. Zhang had a discussion with our design engineer about the commercial deep fryer’s technical parameters and other related contents. Finally, he signed an order with our company.

After that, the company immediately organized the engineers to discuss the details of the order of large capacity green peas deep fryer machinery, and made preparations for the production work. It is expected to be delivered in half a month.

Friends from related industries around the world are also welcome to visit our company and discuss cooperation business. To become the top quality food making machinery is our target. 

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