Application of Extrusion Technology in Food Processing (1)

2020-07-20 14:59:28

Extrusion technology is a process in which materials are extruded forward with the help of the driving force of extruder screw. Materials are mixed, stirred, rubbed and subjected to high shear force to obtain and accumulate energy to reach high temperature and pressure, and materials are puffed.

Food production workshop

At first, extruders were only used in plastic industry, and then gradually used in food and other industries. At present, the extruder is mainly screw extruder, which can be divided into single screw extruder and double screw extruder according to the structure.
Compared with single screw extruder, twin-screw extruder has more advantages, because single screw extruder has strict requirements on material size, moisture content and components, and it is easy to produce problems such as material backflow and screw wear.

Corn Puff Snacks Making Machine Characteristics of extrusion:

1. Corn Puff Snacks Making Machine Good variability.
2. Large production capacity.
3. Low cost.
4. The product has various shapes.
5. Sanitation, little loss of nutrition and high digestibility.
6. Corn Puff Snacks Making Machine High energy utilization.
7. The production of new food is easy.
8. There is almost no loss of nutrition in food raw materials.

Corn Puff Snacks Making Machine

Corn Puff Snacks Making Machine is a kind of equipment for processing puffed food, such as processing rice, corn, soybean, wheat and so on in daily life. Its main working principle is that the mechanical energy is converted into heat energy, and the heat generated when the machine is rotating is used to extrude and ripen the food. The most obvious feature of the expanded food is that the volume becomes larger.

Food produced by extrusion technology

Using extrusion technology can process all kinds of puffed food, and by simply changing the mold, you can change the shape of the product and produce other appearance products. Therefore, the product types are many and the pattern is neat, which can form a series of products, which is helpful to improve the production and marketing flexibility and promote the overall sales.