Application Of Pet Feed Production Line

2020-09-28 09:05:27

Two days ago, a column in Jiangsu exposed that honey under a well-known Chinese brand was suspected of returning to the oven to remake the expired honey and transport it back to the raw material warehouse. It caused the brand to encounter a serious crisis of trust. It is not uncommon to recycle materials that are about to expire. In the production and operation process of food enterprises. It is necessary to predict the market to confirm their own production output. Once the prediction is not accurate, it is easy to cause imbalance in supply and demand. If there is an oversupply, you need to deal with products that have not been sold. What methods can be used to deal with expired food?

pet feed making machine


We can use all kinds of industrial feed production equipment to convert the expired food into feed. In the case of expired moon cakes, it is necessary to use crushers, mixing mixers, complete sets of automatic feed processing equipment. And automatic feed pellet machines to make them into feed. A feed pellet machine is needed when forming feed and food. The full automatic pet feed making equipment is usually installed after the crusher. After the crushed material enters, the material is squeezed out of the template hole by the mutual rotation of the pressure roller and the template. This kind of industrial feed making equipment produces short-term high temperature during production. It can kill part of the parasite eggs and pathogenic microorganisms in the feed and increase the safety of the feed.

automatic pet feed making equipment


The double screw feed making equipment we produce just meets the above needs. And the market's requirements and demands for feed are constantly increasing. The company has researched and developed a variety of feed making production lines in accordance with the needs of this market. Depending on the output, the pet feed making production line also has multiple configurations. The industrial pet feed making production line uses various powders as the main raw materials and adjusts the raw materials, temperature, moisture and other process parameters to produce feed foods with novel shapes, unique tastes, rich nutrition and delicate tissues, which are suitable for the tastes of different pets. This automatic pet feed production line is widely used in the production of pet food such as dogs, cats, foxes and birds, and is an ideal choice for large, medium and small manufacturers.

pet feed making machine