Benefits of Corn Flakes Making Machine

2020-07-15 16:19:23


corn flakes making machine&puffed corn machine/corn extruder machine/food production equipment Introduction and Features:

Breakfast cereals use cereals as main raw material .After extruding (or boiling),planishing ,drying ,roasting,  coating and cooling ,or after extruding and inflating to produce such as ring, grain,or flakes shape.

These kinds of  food can be mixed with coffee or milk . Of course ,it can be eaten directly as snacks ,good taste.

The basic production process flow:

Mix the materials → extrude → shaking and shift the materials → flaking and roasting → heated inflating → cooling secondly→ shifting sugar → roasting secondly → colling →packing

According to our process, the corn flakes made by our processing line will have a corn fragrance and very crisp, very delicious If without roasting secondly ,the corn flakes will be very hard , the taste will be not good and the sugar is also difficult to penetrate into corn chips inside