Breakfast Grain Making Machinery - New Zealand Customer Visit

2020-07-03 16:02:48

Grain breakfast has the characteristics of fragrance, crispness, and delicious. The nutrition is balanced and reasonable, and it can supplement certain nutrients for people, so it is ideal nutritional breakfast food.

According to the market demand, our factory has developed a variety of models of the breakfast grain production line. According to the different outputs, the production line also has a variety of configurations.

Not long ago, customers from New Zealand asked us about the breakfast grain production machinery and came to our factory for field investigation.

Breakfast grain making equipment

Production process:

Raw material mixing → Conveying → Extrusion and expansion → Screening → Dehumidification → Tablet pressing → Drying → Cloth → Secondary expansion → Spraying and seasoning → Drying → Cooling → Packaging

Configuration of breakfast grain production line:

Powder mixer → Screw feeder → Twin-screw extruder → Distributor → Drum dryer → Air blower → Oven → Elevator → Distributor → High-temperature oven → Automatic seasoning machine → Oven → Cooler

Nutrition breakfast grain production line equipment

The production line uses corn, wheat, oats, and other grains as raw materials, realizes cooking, ripening, and granulation by the twin-screw extruder, material via tablet pressing, baking, spraying, and other technological processes be made into original, sweet and salty brittle instant breakfast food. The production line has mature production technology, which can keep the nutrition ingredients of grains in good condition.

The whole line is reasonably matched. It can realize the complete process control so that you can produce nutritious and delicious breakfast, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve market competitiveness.

Technical advantages of breakfast grain production line:

1. Energy-saving: 25%-40% less energy consumption than traditional baking equipment.

2. Environmental protection: in the production state of materials, there is no wastewater, waste gas, and waste residue generated in the production process of equipment connection, and there is no loss of raw materials.

3. Saving: the unit product requires less labor force, small equipment space, large production capacity, continuous and stable production, and slight product quality fluctuation.

4. Flexibility: it has a wide range of adaptability. It can flexibly change products according to market demand and even produce products of different industries on the same equipment.

5. High-temperature expansion furnace: high-temperature roller expansion machine is used, and the expansion is even without paste phenomenon.

Grain breakfast

Our breakfast cereal production line matches reasonably and can realize the complete process control. It can not only help you to produce nutritious and delicious breakfast cornflakes but also improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve market competitiveness. Besides, we will provide you with perfect after-sales service.

Before packaging and transportation, we need to repeatedly test to ensure its normal function and deliver by the contract agreement and plan. If the customer needs, our factory can also assign experienced technicians to install the machine on site. In case of any technical problems during use, you can contact us by phone or email, and we will provide troubleshooting solutions in time.                       

Contracts with New Zealand customers

New Zealand customers conducted field visits and listened carefully to the detailed explanations of technical personnel. They have a comprehensive understanding of our products. They intend to buy three sets of our grain breakfast production equipment first and said that if there is a need for production in the future, they will consider purchasing other tools in our factory. Finally, we signed a contract and reached an agreement. We enjoyed our cooperation very much!