Fish Feed Extruder -- Visit From Singapore Customers

2020-07-03 16:26:41

Not long ago, we received several customers from Singapore. They learned about our products and then contacted our staff to visit the factory's fish feed extruder. We are delighted with this and warmly received them. We also arranged professionals to give them a detailed product introduction and reached friendly cooperation.

fish feed extruder

In the face of many types of extruders, our fish feed extrusion equipment adopts advanced technology, which is meticulously built by professional personnel, with originality and unparalleled advantages over other machines, which is also the reason why we have been in the forefront of the times. Over the years, our company has cooperated with customers all over the world. Our products are widely supported and trusted by customers.

Advantages of fish feed extruder:

1. Wide range of application

Our extruder can process not only fish feed but also other food. It is widely used in many fields. It can be applied to the processing of various materials and produce satisfactory products, achieving relatively ideal results.

2. High output, high quality, and high efficiency

Our equipment has many advantages of the ordinary extruder and has its own unique strengths, which can achieve high output, high quality, and high efficiency.

3. Easy operation and maintenance

Because the body of the fish feed extruder is easy to open, the parts' wear can be found at any time to carry out effective maintenance or replacement. It is easy to find when there is a problem in the production of products, which will not result in unnecessary waste.

4. Improve labor efficiency

In equipment maintenance, the ordinary extruder's heating and cooling system should be removed first, and then the screw can be pulled out as a whole. This fish feed extruder does not need to loosen the bolts. It installs the handle of the rolling worm gearbox, lifts the upper part of the barrel, and opens the whole barrel for maintenance shortens the maintenance time, also improves the labor efficiency.

5. High torque, high speed, and low energy consumption

At present, the development trend of an extruder in the world is to develop towards high output, high speed, and low energy consumption. High speed brings high yield. Our fish feed extruder in this field the rate can be increased by 500 rpm. So there is a unique advantage in processing high viscosity and heat-sensitive materials.

Singapore customer visit

After listening to our introduction, several customers in Singapore were delighted. After visiting the equipment, we took photos in the factory. Then, we went back to the company and had a pleasant talk. In our spare time, we also introduced other equipment to customers, such as pet food machinery, sandwich rice snack machines, puffed food snack machines, etc. They were also very interested in this. They recognized our products and said that they would consider purchasing other equipment if necessary.

Fish feed

Finally, they initially plan to buy three of our fish feed extruders. If the effect is good, they will buy again. We have provided them with thoughtful service, and the after-sales service is also very perfect. They are delighted with the visit and paid a deposit. The next day, we arranged the delivery, so we also established a good cooperative relationship, become a friendly partner, and look forward to our future cooperation and joint development!