Food Puffing Snack Machine -- Visit From British Customers

2020-07-03 16:34:45

Puffed food is a new type of snack developed in the world in recent years. Through the processing of puffed equipment, a variety of food with delicate appearance, rich nutrition, and the crispy and fragrant taste is produced. Therefore, a broad category of food is uniquely formed. Our company recently received several British customers, which is a large food processing enterprise, to visit the food expansion equipment.

Food puffing snack machine

As shown in the figure, this is our food puffing snack machine. The whole tool is made of stainless steel, beautiful, and class in appearance. The series of puffing machines absorb the advantages of domestic and foreign models and integrate many technological innovation results. They have much superiority and are in the leading position in the same industry. At present, they have been exported to all parts of the world and become famous international brands.

Advantages of food puffing snack machine:

1. Simple facilities and convenient operation The food puffing snack machine adopts a combined spindle, which can adapt to the puffing processing of different materials. The supporting facilities for processing the whole corn and soybean are simple, and the operation and maintenance are convenient.

2. Novel design and long service life With innovative design, high output, and stable operation, the main parts of the food expander are made of unique alloy materials after heat treatment and refining, with high wear resistance and long service life.

3. Small land occupation and high efficiency Our puffed food equipment can machine a variety of raw materials, and the operation is simple, maintenance is convenient, the floor area is small, significantly improving the labor efficiency.

4. Steel bar structure, durable The processing conditions of dry expansion and wet expansion are easy to change with each other. The screw sleeve of the snack machine adopts an inlaid alloy steel bar structure, with longer service life.

5. Advanced technology and extensive application With the advantages of similar products, the puffing snack machine is well designed, stable in operation, low in noise, convenient in use and maintenance, stainless steel liner, safe and sanitary, and widely suitable for all kinds of food processing industries.

Puffed food

Configuration of food puffing snack machine:

Powder mixer → screw feeder → twin-screw extruder → shaping and cutting machine (sandwich machine) → elevator → multi-layer continuous oven → oil injection/sugar spraying machine → barrel seasoning line → cooler → packaging machine

The food produced by the puffing snack machine has good taste, beautiful appearance, and various varieties, which can meet the needs of consumers. Our customers are also full of praise after tasting, customer satisfaction is our goal, we will continue to improve, follow the pace of the times, to provide customers with the most satisfactory expansion machine products, is our constant pursuit.

UK customer visit

After the British customers arrived, we went to the factory to visit the equipment. In addition to the food puffing snack machine, they are also interested in our pet food machinery, tissue protein equipment, fish feed extruder, and other devices. Our company's professional and technical personnel can optimize the design of the customer's production line configuration according to different actual conditions so that customers can get the maximum investment benefits.

After visiting the equipment of the factory, we went back to the company for detailed communication. Finally, they decided to buy three of our food puffing snack machines. We gave them the most significant discount and promised to arrange the delivery within 24 hours. They can pay the deposit first and complete the full amount when the goods arrive. They also agreed with this. It was a very lovely cooperation!