Microwave Drying Oat Paste

2020-07-04 11:46:47

Oat contains rich nutrients, such as vitamins, proteins, trace elements, cellulose, and so on. Rich in nutrition. 

Mr. Zheng of Zao Zhuang makes oat food. After soaking oat in water, the oat is crushed into a paste. After drying, the oat is made into powder for processing. Fast-drying at low temperatures is required so that nutrients are not destroyed.Microwave drying oat paste

The experiment was carried out with a 20kw tunnel microwave device.

Oat paste 200ml evenly spread on microwave paper, thickness 2mm, microwave power 65% open, conveyor belt adjusted to 12MH, temperature set to 70℃, microwave action for three minutes. Observe that the slightly thicker part of the dried sample has bubbles in the middle, and the thinner part of the edge looks dry enough. The dry degree general did not meet customer requirements. This is due to artificial spread uneven, resulting in a thick middle edge thin, the central part of the absorption of high temperature generates a lot of steam.

Reset the experiment, spread the oat paste evenly on the microwave paper as far as possible, do three sample experiments, reduce the transmission frequency to 8MH, strengthen the microwave action time. At the same time, control the material temperature not too high to prevent the loss of nutrients. The temperature of the material was controlled at 40~50℃, and the sample was observed by microwave for 4 minutes. The effect was perfect. The oat paste after drying had been thoroughly dried, oat pastes whole peel off the microwave paper, dry very even, no yellow discoloration phenomenon. Let stand for 3 minutes to cool down. The kneading is very crisp, and the pulverizing powder is effortless.

Considering that the customer's actual production is an assembly line, the feeding part at the front of the equipment is equipped with a unique feeding hopper, which spreads the materials continuously and evenly. The feeding belt at the discharging end is designed with a scraping device to remove the materials on the conveyor belt entirely.

The discharging end is equipped with a 2-meter heat dissipation device to ensure rapid cooling and entering the crushing process. Customer customized 20kw air cooling equipment, to meet the daily processing needs of 200kg, equipment end and end of the supporting device to the customer in the place, to achieve one-station customization, let the customer rest assured.