Can I Give My Dog Human Food Instead of Dog Food?

2021-11-03 14:03:07

Now more and more people are starting to raise dogs, and they have also put a lot of effort into raising dogs. The diet of dogs can be said to be very troublesome. When choosng dog food, people often feel dazzled and unable to start. .

Due to the uneven quality of dog food on the market today, many shit scavengers cannot ensure that they can buy more reliable dog food. So they will give dogs some food for human consumption. Is this feasible?

Can I give my dog human food instead of dog food?

In fact, dogs do not have to eat dog food, even if it is for dogs to eat human food, there is no problem. As long as it can be guaranteed that the dog can eat fresh and clean food every day, and the food is rich and rich. The rich carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, trace elements, essential amino acids and other nutrients can ensure the healthy growth of dogs. But now many owners are busy with work and cannot make elaborate food for their dogs every day. Therefore, direct purchase of dog food is the best choice.

If you can make some dog food for your dog every day, then you can give your dog food that people eat. For example, before you cook, you can set aside some ingredients in advance, such as meat, vegetables, eggs, etc. After the ingredients are simply boiled, they can be eaten by dogs.

However, some foods that have been prepared cannot be given to dogs. Foods with heavy oil and salt will increase the burden on the dogs kidneys and cause problems such as hair loss, dim coat, and tear marks. Therefore, avoid giving it to dogs. Eat these foods.

In addition, it is not recommended that you give your dog human food for a long time. Human food can only be used as an emergency. Because you can't provide a wide variety of ingredients to your dog at one time. It will cause the dog's nutritional intake to be unbalanced, which will affect the dog's growth. And because human food is mostly soft food, it is easy to adhere to the dog's teeth, and it will form dental calculus over time, which is very harmful to the dog's health.

Therefore, commercial grains are the best choice. The commercial grains produced by regular manufacturers have the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestion and absorption, scientific formula, quality standards, convenient feeding, and prevention of certain diseases. It is convenient and quick to feed. It can greatly It saves the owner's time, which is also a kind of dog food that most people choose.

The dog food produced by regular manufacturers has quality assurance. You don't have to worry about its quality at all. And you can eat it with confidence and boldness. Long-term consumption of dog food can play a role in cleaning the teeth, supplement the dog with comprehensive nutrition, and make the dog's hair brighter. It is a very reliable pet food.

Now that the pet market has entered a stage of rapid development, the demand for dog food has also increased sharply. Only high-quality and cheap dog food will be recognized by the market. Dog Treat Making Machine is a new type of equipment used by many well-known manufacturers and uses very advanced. The extrusion technology can process a variety of nutrient-rich pet foods, and the palatability is very good.

The Dog Treat Making Machine is of reliable quality. It has realized a fully automated production method, is simple to operate, has a wide range of uses, is low in price, and is cost-effective. It has a very good reputation in the industry.

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