Can standing in front of a microwave give you cancer?

2021-11-29 11:47:56

With the development of society, microwave technology, as advanced technology, has been commonly used, especially microwave equipment in Industrial Microwave Food Proce is very widely used. The application of microwave technology has promoted China's food industry development and led to the development of related industries.

When using it, you may have some doubts, worrying that microwave radiation will cause cancer. Can standing in front of a microwave give you cancer? Lets answer it for you. Lets take a look.

Because microwave is a kind of radiation, so many people naturally think it will cause cancer. In fact, microwaves are electromagnetic waves, which are essentially the same thing as radio and telegraph waves, infrared rays, and visible light. The difference between them is only the difference in frequency. The frequency of microwaves is higher than radio waves and lower than infrared and visible light. Radio waves and visible light do not cause cancer. Naturally, it is not difficult to understand that microwaves with frequencies between them will not cause cancer.

In fact, the radiation mentioned here only refers to the energy of microwaves that can be emitted, and X-ray and radioactive isotope radiation are not the same. X-ray is also electromagnetic waves, but its frequency is much higher than the microwave. Therefore, high energy and radioactive isotopes in the decay process will radiate particles, so they can make the organism cancerous.

Microwave does not cause cancer to humans, nor does it cause food to produce carcinogens, and even it helps avoid the production of carcinogens. For foods such as fish and meat, traditional heating, especially grilling and frying, tends to cause the meat to scorch, which can produce some carcinogens. But today, in Industrial Microwave Food Proce, microwave equipment for food processing changed the disadvantages of the traditional method.

Industrial microwave equipment frequency of 915 ± 25MHZ, the wavelength of 32.78cm, the new national standards for microwave leakage added many new detection specifications, which is the same as the international industrial microwave leakage regulations. As long as industrial microwave ovens are manufactured according to the microwave leakage below that value, as long as you remain outside the microwave oven and do not put your face on it, there is usually no harm. Although there is generally no harm, some attention should be paid to some issues in the process of using some attention.

Precautions for use.

First, avoid heating time is too long.

The microwave oven uses high-frequency heating, and the heating speed is very fast. Too long will make the food dry, hard, and even produce toxins.

Second, avoid heating fried food.

The high temperature will cause oil to splash, which may cause open flames and fire. If you accidentally cause a fire in the furnace, do not open the door immediately. Turn off the power and wait for the fire to go out before opening the door.

Third, avoid using metal utensils.

Metal will prevent energy transfer, resulting in the inability to heat the food in metal utensils.

Fourth, avoid using ordinary plastic containers.

Ordinary plastic containers, plastic bags are not resistant to high temperatures, heating is easy to deformation, and may release toxic substances, so you should choose a high-temperature microwave container.

Fifth, avoid the use of closed containers.

Once the use of closed containers, such as still unopened lunch boxes, cans, unbroken eggs, etc., may burst, very dangerous, be sure to use containers with air holes to hold food.

Six, avoid heating cling film-wrapped food.

In the case of high temperature, cling film will be chemical changes, bringing hidden risks to the safety of food.

Seven, do not put things on the microwave oven.

Microwave oven with air vents above, if covered by other items, easy to cause its internal temperature is too high and aging, a serious short circuit may occur.

The above is to bring you about whether industrial microwave equipment can cause cancer and in the use of the process of precautions. After reading, you must have a certain understanding of this, and I hope it will help you.