Can't We Eat Too Much Puffed Food?

2021-03-10 17:44:59

The so-called puffing means that the volume will become larger. Puffed food specifically refers to the use of puffed food production line through frying, squeezing, sand-frying, baking, microwave and other technologies as the curing process.

Many of us always like to eat some puffed food when we are bored. Whether they are elderly or children, or even young people, they like to eat these potato chips, shrimp chips, corn sticks and so on. Like a young man, he opened a pack of puffed food and he could eat it until he couldn't stop it. However, the older generations have always said that puffed food should be eaten in moderation, and eating too much is not good for the body. So, what is the reason for this?

1. What is puffed food?

The so-called puffing means that the volume will become larger. Puffed food specifically refers to the use of puffed food production line through frying, squeezing, sand-frying, baking, microwave and other technologies as the curing process. Before and after the curing process, the food has a significant increase in volume. It became popular in the 1960s.


2. Puffed principle is this look like:

The grain is first put into the extruder for heating and pressurization. In this process, the moisture in the grain will be overheated. When the pressure in the extruder reaches a certain value, open the extruder, and the pressure will change from high pressure instantaneously into atmospheric pressure.

As a result, the overheated water molecules instantly vaporize, the water molecules can expand 2000 times, the molecular structure in the grain is also destroyed, the insoluble long-chain starch is cut into short water-soluble short-chain starch, dextrin and sugar..

3. Types of puffed food

    (1) Fried type, is the puffed food that is made by edible frying.

    (2) Baking type, that is, by heating the like baking, puffing or microwave from roast food.

    (3) Direct extrusion type, a food made from raw materials directly expanded by pressure difference.

    (4) Flower and color type, using the first three as the original embryo, adding nuts, oil and other reprocessed foods.

 4. There are actually two reasons why the older generations say puffed food:

One is because there is lead in puffed food, which is mainly because it passes through metal pipes during the production process, and most of the early metal pipes contain lead. Under high temperature conditions, lead will vaporize and enter the food. We must know that lead is extremely harmful to the human body and will seriously affect the nervous system, but now the expansion and extrusion equipment has been greatly improved, and the use of all stainless steel materials, the problem of lead has less and less appeared.

The second is that puffed food has the characteristics of high fat, high calorie, high salt, high sugar, and multi-MSG. This is caused by the addition of many food additives to the puffed food. For example, saccharin, it will reduce the ability of the small intestine to absorb food, and severely affect the nervous system and liver. For example, alum is an aluminum-containing additive that affects the development of bones and intellectual development. So everyone in the selection of puffed food should pay attention to see the ingredient list, try not to eat with the selection of these harmful ingredients oh.


In fact, puffed food is not as terrible as the older generations say, and eating it as a snack is actually no problem. But we must remember that you cannot eat too much puffed food. Eating too much is not good for our health. Nowadays, puffing and extrusion machinery manufacturers strictly follow the standards required by the country. Therefore, when we buy puffed food, we still have to go to a large supermarket to buy it to ensure the safety of puffed food quality.