Corn Flakes Making Machine----New Zealand Customers Visit

2020-07-20 11:47:21

We are a professional manufacturer of extrusion food machinery in China. Since the company's establishment, we have been in a leading position in the food equipment industry. Our machinery series includes the twin-screw extruder, single screw extruder, dryer, fryer, and many types of equipment such as seasoning machines and accessory machines. We had just received several customers from New Zealand a few days ago. They came to the factory to visit the equipment and bought our Corn Flakes Making Machine.

Corn flakes making machine

The picture above shows our Corn Flakes Making Machine, which is highly automated and efficient. All machines are installed with great belt motors and best accessories. Besides, we can configure the device according to your needs, and our professional technical team designs the production line to meet your needs. The production line can produce corn flakes, breakfast cereals, snacks, etc. by adjusting the die of the extruder.

The advantages of Corn Flakes Making Machine:

1. Corn flakes production line is easy to change the mold, and then you can get more different shapes.
2. Made of high-quality stainless steel, safer, easier to clean, stable in work, and high inefficiency.
3. The food produced by Corn flakes machinery has a unique shape, a variety of flavors, and a scientific nutrition ratio.
4. The screw is a unique material, the device has a fast self-cleaning function, the machine has high stability, and the operation is simple and easy to learn.
5. Corn flakes making equipment have precise parameter control to ensure that they have the same shape and taste.
6. The screws are made of Allied steel and specialized craftsmanship. The screws have a longer life span and adopt the building block system structure.
7. Adopt a forced lubrication system to ensure longer transmission life of the Corn flakes making machine.
8. Corn Flakes Making Machine is designed with a visible automatic temperature control system to make temperature control more intuitive and parameters more accurate.

Product sample

Corn flakes processing line can provide breakfast cereals of different shapes, such as rings, balls, flakes, stars, letters, etc., only by changing the mold or selecting the appropriate production process. Our extruder can produce snack foods, breakfast cereals and corn flakes, granules, bread crumbs, pet food, nutritional powder, popcorn, donuts, vegetarian protein foods, etc.

Corn Flakes Making Machine process flow:

Mixer--twin screw extruder-vibration cooler--air conveyor--flake machine---air conveyor--dryer--high temperature oven--large elevator--coating line--dryer--cooling conveyor

New Zealand customers are visiting.

After negotiation, they finally decided to buy three of our Corn Flakes Making Machines, first with a down payment, we promised to ship within 24 hours and choose the safest shipping method. At the same time, we also provide attentive service, if you have any questions, you can contact our staff at any time, all for the purpose of customer satisfaction. During this visit to New Zealand customers, we reached an agreement and established a friendly cooperative relationship!

Our company provides a variety of products that can meet your various needs. We always try our best to meet the potential needs of customers. Since the trend of economic globalization has developed with irresistible forces, our company is sincerely willing to cooperate with companies around the world to achieve a win-win situation.
We look forward to your visit!