Do You Know The Influencing Factors Of The Instant Noodle Production Line?

2020-09-17 14:38:12

Automatic instant noodles are a very common food in our daily life. In production, the requirements for industrial instant noodle production lines are very high. The following Loyal will explain to you the influencing factors of the full automatic instant noodle production line:

instant noodles production line

1. In the production of stainless steel instant noodle production line, the content of wet gluten in the flour is required to be 32-34%. Low wet gluten content or poor wet gluten quality will affect the formation of gluten network. And it affect the elasticity and extensibility of the dough. Then it makes that difficult to form smooth and uniform dough sheets during calendering. And it will affect the taste and oil content of the finished product. The ash content of flour not only affects the color and smell of flour. But also affects the uniform water absorption of flour during kneading, affects the formation of gluten network. And it has a certain impact on product quality. In addition, the grain size of flour also has an effect on the kneading effect.

automatic instant noodles making machine

2. Only when the protein and starch in the flour absorb water can a good mixing effect be achieved. It is usually required to add about 30 kg of water to 100 kg of flour. And it adjusts accordingly during the operation according to the water content of flour and protein. Adding as much water as possible without affecting the tableting and molding is beneficial to improve the quality of the product.

3. Add appropriate amount of salt. This is the conclusion drawn by the nutritionist of Jingcheng Noodles after many experiments. Appropriate addition of dissolved salt when making noodles not only enhances the flavor, but also strengthens gluten and improves dough processing performance. At the same time, salt can prevent the dough from rancidity. Usually: high protein content, add more salt, otherwise, add less; summer temperature is high, add more salt, winter less.

instant noodles making machine

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