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Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of food and snacks food machinery. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. mainly deals with the manufacturer, research, and development of food machinery.

Also, to comply with the request of different customers, Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. could design and make the whole complete processing line of other snacks food. Just like the corn flakes processing line, instant noodles processing line, biscuit production line, fried dough extruder machine, fortified rice production line, puff snacks making machine, pet food production line, soya nugget, and so on.



The fried dough extruder machine uses a double screw extruding technique to replace the traditional steam boiling process. The fried dough production line includes mixing, extruding, shaping, frying, flavoring, no boiler, simple operation, high efficiency, and little pollution. The raw materials can be rice powder, corn powder, wheat flour individually, or mixture. Changing the molds, shaping, or cutting machine can be made of various shapes like sticks, square sheet rib chips, diamond chips, wavy chips, pillow shapes, bugles, etc. The taste is crispy and delicious, savory and not greasy.

Fried dough extruder machine uses rice flour, cornflour, flour, or their mixtures as the primary raw materials, using screw extrusion molding technology supplemented by extrusion molds of various shapes. Then deep-fried and seasoned into different shapes and flavors. The deep-fried noodles have a natural body, delicate organization, and crispy taste. The extruded product can be directly fried without drying, the production process is simple, and the equipment investment is small, making it the choice of small and medium-sized enterprises. This small food production line has the characteristics of multiple models, flexible equipment configuration, a wide range of raw materials, numerous product types, and simple operation. By changing different molds and changing the production process, various puffed foods popular on the market can be produced, suitable for various food manufacturers.

Just because of the deliciousness of fried snacks received by the public, the market for fried snacks has excellent potential. So when you are going to try to start a food business, fried bugle chips snack machine is a trustworthy choice for you.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. provides you with a complete quotation for the machinery and can also manufacture fried dough extruder machines exclusively for you according to your needs. So believe in us, we will prove Food Machine is your best choice!



Mixer--Screw Conveyor--Twin Screw Extruder--Cutter--Hoister--Continuous Fryer--Deoiling Machine--Flavoring Line


The leading raw material flour alone or add additives, mixed with a certain amount of water in the mixer to mix well. Then raw material will be sent through the screw conveyor to the twin-screw extruder to extrude and puff the fabric, then to the cutter, to produce various shapes, such as sticks, square sheet rib chips, diamond chips, wavy chips, pillow shapes, and bugles, etc. The shape can be changed by changing the mold to produce products of varying widths and thicknesses. The product will be sent to the frying machine (two heating methods-gas and electric, customers can choose according to their own needs). After frying, the product can make it more crispy. The deoiling Machine can remove excess oil in the product. Finally, flavoring is done in the flavoring line, and it can be an octagonal barrel, round barrel, elevating single drum, double drum flavoring line, etc.



Loyal fried bugle chips snack machine is integrated with advanced technology at home and abroad, which can realize continuous production and produce good quality, crispy and delicious fried snacks under high-quality sanitary conditions. And it can learn the production of different styles of products through different molds. A variety of novelty, a wide range of salad, sticks, crispy snacks, and so on is famous to the public, so a fried dough snack machine is an ideal equipment to meet the market demand.


Fried dough extruder machine is made of food-grade stainless steel and has a high degree of automation, which can reduce the input labor and time to a great extent.

Highly automated production can not only produce stable quality products but also reduce production costs. That is to say, buy a high-quality machine, you can certainly get the maximum benefit for your profit.


Choose our machine, we not only provide you with high quality and high-capacity fried dough extruder machine but also provide you with installation and commissioning and process formula, personnel training, and workshop layout planning, etc. We can also develop a whole set of solutions according to your needs.


At the same time, we are constantly innovating and upgrading our food machinery products. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. always follows the principle of service to establish business and quality to win the market. We are committed to winning the trust and support of our customers by providing high-quality equipment and excellent service and providing great after-sales service for our customers worldwide.


Of course, with the improvement of living standards and response to market demand, a suitable commercial fried dough extruder machine is the top priority of fried snacks manufacturers. Nowadays, the fried snacks market is growing rapidly, and the market size is expanding rapidly. Only by using professional equipment for production can we ensure reliable product quality.


Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. can help you make better profits and develop your business. You can choose the right products for your needs, and we strictly control the cooperation to meet your needs from multiple perspectives. Moreover, we will assist you in upgrading your existing product line to lead the market trend and grasp the updated taste of fried snacks to be unique and gain the consumers' love.


Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. machines are sold to various regions and countries, so the quality is guaranteed. In addition to our enthusiastic sales staff who deal with your problems promptly, we also have professional engineers to guide you to install and use the machines for you, and our engineers will do their best to help solve any problems that arise in the process of use that you do not know how to solve. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.'s perfect pre-sales and the after-sales system can ensure that you use our machine escort.


Whether from the prospects or the production quality, professional equipment can provide manufacturers with great help. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. machinery engineers, after unremitting efforts, in many trials under the effective control of production costs, can provide manufacturers with the most cost-effective equipment.


Although the price of different equipment is different, the cost performance is always the most critical selection criterion. If you need, welcome to contact us, Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. will provide you with the most cost-effective equipment!



If you love fried snacks and feel that fried snacks are prevalent in your market, you want to make fried snacks and start a business of fried snack machinery. Then please read on. All the questions about fried snacks and fried dough snack machines will be answered below.


1. Why Fried Snacks Are Popular

Fried snacks have various types, cute shapes, convenient eating, crispy and delicious, and trendy among the crowd. The shapes can be made differently, like sticks, square sheet rib chips, diamond chips, wavy chips, pillow shapes, animal shapes, and bugles, etc., so it is trendy.


2. How Fried Dough Extruder Machine Works

The fried dough extruder machine is suitable for pressing flour and other raw materials through multiple pressing rollers. It is cut into different shapes by a unique mechanism. After frying and flavoring by fryer machine, drum flavoring machine, we can get crispy and delicious snacks food, such as shrimp pasta, fried sticks, square pellet, chips, Etc.


3. Parts of Fried Dough Extruder Machine


Introduction of the Fried Bugle Chips Snack Machine

Mixing machine

Mix flour and other water with a certain proportion to mix it evenly

Screw hoister

Deliver the material powder to next device extruder

Double -screw extruder

It's the central part of the dough extruder machine, and it includes a feeding system extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system. Puffing&cooking the mixed material with the high temperature and high pressure, then push out extruder to different shapes through the molds.

Cutting /Shaping machine

Cutting machine: Cutting the material out from extruder to sticks shape.

Shaping machine: shaping the material out from extruder to different shapes by printing rollers, such as triangles, small gourds, small fish, horns, etc.

Frying machine

Frying the semi-finished snacks to make it more delicious, longer storage time, and the color is more beautiful.

An automatic frying machine and continuous frying machine can be selected.

Vibrate de-oil cooler

Remove extra oil by shifting; in the meantime, cooling the snack to make it more crispy.

Flavoring line

There are octagonal barrels, cylinders, lifting the single drum, and double drum seasoning lines, which are configured according to a different output.



4. How to Mass Produce Frying Snacks

Fried snacks are one of the most popular snacks, and nowadays, they have become a popular snack worldwide, with a promising market prospect. In the competitive market, manufacturers want to improve production efficiency to expand production, which is an effective way to seize the market. At the same time, in the technology now, if you want to mass-produce fried snacks, you need to use a professional fried dough extruder machine.


The larger the machine, the bigger the capacity, but the actual production of each manufacturer will different, which requires manufacturers to choose the equipment that best meets their production needs based on their actual situation, including the size of the production site or warehouse, the expected demand, the size of the machine, etc. In addition, production capacity will also determine the level of automation of the equipment. For a factory, the use of fully automated production equipment is essential.


5. The Key Machine Of The Production Line - Extruder

(1) It's the central part of the dough extruder machine. It includes a feeding system extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system. Puffing&cooking the mixed material with the high temperature and high pressure, then push out extruder to different shapes through the molds.

(2) The main extruder adopts frequency speed controlling with high automation and stable per-formation.

(3) The screws are made of alloy steel, a special craft, durable usage, high pressure, the screw life is longer. Adopting the building block structure and combining willingly according to the different demands.

(4) The forced lubrication system can guarantee the equipment transmission life longer.

(5) Auto-temperature control system makes the temperature control more direct viewing and the parameter more precise.

(6) Self-cleaning, when stopping, can be cleaned without disassembling.

(7) According to different screw design rates to total another technology request.

(8) This equipment has a comprehensive material, multi-shape products, and flexible collections.


6. Benefits of Fried Dough Extruder Machine

(1) Fully automatic: Highly automatic, save labor for the manufacturer.

(2) Muti-functional: Can produce many different types of snacks by changing molds or shaping machines, such as chips, sticks, buggles, Doritos, etc., which is much profitable.

(3) Flexible placement: Can be placed according to different factory situations.

(4) Environmental protection: No waste, no pollution for air and water.


7. How Much Fried Dough Extruder Machine Cost

The machine is an automatic frying line that can produce fried snacks of different output, such as shrimp paste, fried sticks, square pellet, chips, etc.

A standard production line includes mixer, screw conveyor, twin-screw extruder, cutter, hoister, continuous fryer, deoiling machine, flavoring line, etc.

We have capacity of 120-150 kg/h, 150-180 kg/h, 180-200 kg/h, 200-250 kg/h, 300-400 kg/h, 500-800 kg/h, 800-1000kg/h etc.

The price of different specifications of the equipment is different. We can recommend the most suitable production line for you according to your budget and needs. Please rest assured that we will help you get the right machine at the most affordable price.


8. Raw Material of Fried Dough Extruder Machine

Rice flour, cornflour, flour, or their mixtures are the main raw materials. After you buy our machines, we will also provide you with detailed and professional formulas.


9. Products Made from Fried Dough Extruder Machine

Shape: The shape can be changed by changing the mold, forming machine, and cutting machine: strip, corrugated square sheet, diamond sheet, wave sheet, pillow shape, horn shape, etc.

Style: crispy rice, salad strips, salad slices, crispy corners, crispy corners, etc.


10. Machine material of Fried Dough Extruder Machine

All machines are made of stainless steel, and the screws are made of alloy steel. The production line has a reasonable design and a high degree of automation.


11. Voltage of Fried Dough Extruder Machine

Three-phase: 380V/50Hz, Single-phase: 220V/50Hz, we can also customize according to the local voltage of the country where the customer is located


12. What Can Be Made By Fried Dough Extruder Machine

Our fried bugle chips snack machine can produce fried snacks in different shapes, such as strips, horns, small fish shapes, round shapes, and so on. And the key part in this production line - extruder, is an important machine for producing various snacks. It can also produce all kinds of puff snacks, pet food, fish feed, corn flakes, etc. It needs to be operated by changing molds, plus dryer, etc. If you are interested, please feel free to tell me, and I will introduce you in more detail.


13. Future of Fried Dough Extruder Machine

With the public's living standard and quality improvement, national support, the government's increasing attention to food safety intensified the rapid development and diversification of food machinery, especially for fried bugle chips snack machines.

The bugles crispy production line products and technology is changing day by day, fried snack food machinery market this super gold mine is gradually emitting eye-catching golden light. If you want to start a food business, fried food machinery is a good choice. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd., both in terms of technology and machinery prices, can give you the most satisfactory answer.


14. Are The Products Produced by Fried Dough Extruder Machine Healthy?

Our fried dough extruder machines are made of food-grade materials, including food-grade stainless steel. So we can be sure that the product is healthy and clean after production. In the frying process, you can choose good quality cooking oil, which further ensures that the products produced are crispy and tasty, healthy and delicious, in line with the public taste.


15. What If I'm Worried That I'm New in This Field?

We understand your concern. In fact, many of our customers are new, do not worry, we will provide you with a complete set of programs and professional services, if you have any questions can always contact us, our sales staff and engineers are very professional and responsible, our company was established many years, the bugles crispy production line sold to many regions. We have CE, ISO, SGS, and a variety of patent certificates, which will undoubtedly help you grow in this new business. We are sure to try our best to help you prosper in this new business.


16. Maintenance Process of Fried Dough Extruder Machine

(1) Fault handling: If the equipment failure problem must immediately begin to solve the work, you first need to stop the equipment, first to ensure the safety of production line workers. In fact, many small failures are caused by slow accumulation, so the problem should be solved immediately.


(2) Dust cleaning: As we all know, the production equipment in the factory has been continuous work, then the long-term use of production equipment will certainly leave a lot of dust. If not timely cleaning dust and continuous work, in addition to a certain impact on food safety, but also affect the operation of the whole equipment. Motor heat treatment is also a big problem, dust blocking heat dissipation holes so that the motor continues to complete processing at high temperatures, the motor life is seriously affected. The necessary maintenance work is critical to remove all the dust from the outer layer of the equipment so that the motor operating temperature is released even if the continuous processing is not affected by the motor.


(3) Parts lubrication: The internal composition of the equipment accessories play an important role in the performance of the machine. But under continuous processing, the effect of wear and tear of accessories intensified, the need for the necessary lubrication was added, both to ease the degree of wear and tear of accessories but also to play a certain protective role to extend the service life of the equipment.


17. How to Troubleshoot Fried Dough Extruder Machine

Cleaning and maintenance:

After a long time of use of fried dough extruder machine, if not timely cleaning residual food crumbs and oil, not only will it cause food safety impact, but also cause some impact on the equipment. In all large factories, the cleaning and maintenance of equipment are necessary to exist, timely cleaning of food equipment reduce failure problems, extend the life of the production line equipment, and bring you higher benefits.

After using the fried dough production line, the fryer must be cleaned. The specific method is to wait for the oil to cool and then put out the oil, then pour in water to boil the water, sprinkle two large handfuls of edible alkali powder, cook for 5-10 minutes, and then drain the water.

Of course, some incorrect operations can have serious effects on the equipment or lay the risk of serious safety accidents. Frequent cleaning to reduce failure is important but must be the necessary training work for staff to familiarize themselves with the operation of the equipment to make the correct operation to reduce the occurrence of failure.


18. Support Equipment to Buy with Fried Dough Extruder Machine

Cooling conveyor: Cooling the finished snack chips to make them more crispy.

Packing Machine: Packing the snacks into different packing styles.


19. What Can Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. Provide?

Service for Pre-sale

1.Provide technical parameter

2.Factory layout and size suggestion

3.Provide general formulation

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