How is artificial rice produced?

2021-11-08 13:21:29

In recent years, the topic of health has become more and more popular, which has also prompted people to pay more and more attention to health. Therefore, modern people pay more attention to nutritional balance in their daily diet.

However, due to the acceleration of the social rhythm, most people cannot achieve a balanced diet for three meals a day and cannot take in sufficient nutrients. The emergence of artificial rice has solved this dilemma. Artificial rice contains very rich nutrition. It can supplement nutrition to the human body in an all-round way and promote the health of the human body.

Although artificial rice is very common, there are still consumers who do not recognize this kind of food and believe that artificial rice is not a healthy food. So how is artificial rice made?

How is artificial rice produced?

Artificial rice is a staple food with very high nutritional content. It has appeared on the tables of many families and has been recognized by many consumers. Artificial rice is made from grains, rice, konjac flour, fruits and vegetables, and various nutrient elements as the main raw materials. It is made through processes such as puffing, crushing, stirring, ripening, granulating, and drying, without any harmful additions. The substance, on the contrary, has a very high nutrient content.

The specific production process of artificial rice:

Mixing of raw materials: Firstly, according to the recipe of artificial rice, the required raw materials need to be blended according to the recipe, and then a certain proportion of nutritional fortifiers are added, and an appropriate amount of water and salt are added, and they are fully stirred evenly and mixed into a dough. Shape, and ensure that the moisture content of the dough is 35%-37%.

After that, the mixed raw materials are fed into the extruder, and the artificial rice is extruded and puffed into the extruder. If you want to produce round, long, black, yellow, white and other types of artificial rice, only It is necessary to change the production process of the equipment and the extrusion die.

Many of the artificial rice that is extruded are stuck together, because the moisture is relatively high, so it is necessary to use a vibrating screen to disperse them to avoid adhesion, so that the artificial rice produced has a relatively high quality.

After that, the artificial rice is transported into the oven for high-temperature baking, so that the moisture in the artificial rice is quickly lost, and the moisture is reduced to about 13% to keep it in a dry state, which can effectively extend the shelf life of the artificial rice.

At this time, the temperature of the artificial rice is relatively high, which is not suitable for packaging. If it is directly packaged at high temperature, it will not only burn the packaging bag and produce some harmful substances, but also make the artificial rice damp and reduce the quality of the artificial rice, so it needs to be in the cooling line Cool down the artificial rice.

After cooling, the artificial rice can be packaged by a packaging machine, so that the production and processing of artificial rice is completed.

The above is the specific production and processing process of artificial rice, using the Artificial Rice Making Machine for processing and production. From this we can know that the artificial rice uses rich raw materials, high nutrient content, and the production process is complex and advanced. The artificial rice produced in this way has a very high quality, which can meet the needs of consumers in terms of taste and nutrient content.

Artificial Rice Making Machine is a new type of food processing machinery, using very advanced extrusion technology, high degree of automation, very high production efficiency, low price, high cost performance, very suitable for major manufacturers.

Only by following the trend of social development and producing the food that consumers most need, can we accurately grasp the opportunity. I believe that with the help of this equipment, the artificial rice industry will develop more rapidly!


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