What are the tools of food processing?

2021-11-10 15:42:02

Food production requires food processing equipment to complete. There are countless types of food, so food processing tools are countless, and there are many types.

What are the tools of food processing? What are the types?

Food processing equipment, namely food machinery, is the general term for all machinery and equipment that process food raw materials into finished or semi-finished products. In recent years, China's food processing equipment industry has developed rapidly, and the product level has reached a new level, and the trend of large-scale, complete, and automated, simple operation and high-tech equipment has begun to appear.

According to its production type, food processing tools can be divided into: fruits and vegetables, beverages, pasta, pastry, meat, and other processing equipment. According to its function can be divided into: drying, refrigeration, puffing, sterilization, frying heat exchange equipment, etc. If you go into details, there are many small categories of food processing equipment. Let's make a comprehensive introduction below.

Fruit and vegetable processing equipment:

Juicer, pulpers, de-core machine, fruit, vegetable washing machine, peeling machine, slicer, fruit selection machine, etc. Juicer and pulpers do not need to be introduced, and many people have bought at home. At present, some manufacturers have crushing, de-nucleating, and beating pulp functions into one. This all-in-one machine, after the fruit passes through the washing machine, the crushed pome, the flesh, skin, and core are separated, the skin and core are dry, and the juice yield is high.

Beverage processing equipment:

Nowadays, beverage manufacturers mostly use production lines, in which the main equipment includes water treatment equipment, bottle punching machine, filling machine, sealing machine, sterilization equipment, etc. This automatic production line is not only high efficiency but also safe and hygienic.

Pasta processing equipment:

Pasta mainly refers to buns, steamed buns, dumplings, wontons, Liang pi, instant noodles, noodles, etc. Take the steamed buns as an example, the equipment required is dough mixer, dough kneader, encrusting machine, kneading machine, etc.

Pastry processing equipment:

The production equipment is different for different types of pastries. Pastry processing equipment can be divided into moon cake machines, cookies, wafers, custard pies, cookie, shortcake machines, etc. Take cookie as an example, its production line consists of cookie forming machine, tunnel type hot air circulation electric baking oven, oil spraying machine, turning machine, cooling line, cookie finishing machine, cookie sandwiching machine, packaging table, etc.

Meat processing equipment:

The meat processing equipment that is well known to the public should be a meat grinder. But in fact, meat processing equipment is subdivided into a meat cutting machine, chopping machine, sawing equipment, tumbler, meatball machine, enema machine, steam fumigation, and cooking equipment, meat and bone separation equipment, sizing and coating equipment, fish and shrimp processing equipment, meat products drying equipment, meat products sterilization equipment, meat products thawing equipment, etc.

Food drying equipment:

Industrial Microwave Food Proce will mostly use ovens, which are food drying equipment. In addition to a variety of different styles of dryers, such as granulation, flash dryer, spray dryer, drum dryer, rake dryer, vacuum dryer, microwave dryer, air dryer, box dryer, vertical dryer, fluidized bed dryer The air dryer, air dryer, etc.

Food refrigeration equipment:

There are refrigeration equipment, freezing equipment, cold storage, refrigeration and preservation equipment, freezers, refrigerated cabinets, display cabinets, fresh cabinets, air curtain cabinets, deli cabinets, refrigerated boxes, preservation workbench, cake cabinets, refrigeration machines, chillers, refrigerated trucks, freezers, freezers, freeze-dryers. Generally speaking, dumplings, buns, steamed buns manufacturers mostly use quick-freezing equipment. And display cabinets, preservation cabinets, cake cabinets are mostly seen in supermarket stores.

Food sterilization equipment:

Sterilization food processing equipment is sterilization machine, sterilization pot, sterilization machine, sterilization machine, microwave sterilization equipment, ultraviolet sterilization equipment, pasteurization machine, etc. There are three ways to sterilize milk, pasteurization and ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization. The pasteurization method uses a pasteurizer, but this sterilization is not complete, and ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization is currently the most advanced technology.

It can be said that China's machinery production has met the primary domestic demand and a large number of sales to foreign countries. Among the exported machinery varieties, food processing machines, ovens, packaging, labeling machines, paper-plastic-aluminum composite tank production equipment, and other machinery are exported more. Food processing equipment such as sugar making, winemaking, beverages, liquid food filling machines, and other equipment have begun to export in sets, and Industrial Microwave Food Proce has also been well developed.

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