How to Curry paste bag packaging machine?

2020-11-18 11:51:10

Our company develop this kind of machine which is a packaging machine for filling high-density liquids and pastes. What’s more, it uses the three-way principle of a cylinder to drive a piston and a rotary valve to extract and get high-concentration materials. At the same time, it use a magnetic reed switch to control the stroke of the cylinder. Then it can adjust the filling volume. And then it is fit for filling soy sauce, wine, vinegar, bean paste. And also for the sesame paste, beverages. What’s more, it is fit for the milk, peanut oil, vegetable oil, various vegetable oils, water and liquid chemical products. So it is a composite film bag packaging.

Features of curry paste bag packaging machine:
1. The machine is easy and convenient to dismantle and wash. At the same time, the parts in contact with the material are 304 stainless steel. And also the sealing parts are PTFE and silica gel. What’s more, its advantages are corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, and good sealing.
2. At the same time, it uses intelligent thermostat, then the temperature control is accurate. What’s more, it can ensure that the seal is beautiful and even.
3. Also the electronic control part has a fault display system. And then it can help the staff to eliminate the fault in time.
4. Sealing form: back sealing.
5. At the same time, this equipment has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure. And also it is simple and easy-to-understand operation, and high measurement accuracy.

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