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Instant Noodles Can Make You Fresh In A Short Time

Instant Noodles was mainly made with wheat flour,water,salt,vegetable juice etc.It was also name fast food noodles, instant noodles, cup noodles.With dropping the hot water and delicious flavoring oil or seasoning bags,it will become a cup of delicious noodle to fresh you,the instant noodles can be made to square shape or round shape by instant noodles production line.It was be known as the famous brand NISSIN ,NONGSHIM,INDOMIE,SAMYANG etc.


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How To Make Instant Noodles?
Instant noodles are also named fast food noodles, instant noodles, cup noodles, quick-cooked noodles, instant noodles. It is a noodle food that can be cooked in hot water in a short time. (Usually within 3 minutes)Instant noodles are made by...
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