Introduction of Single Screw Extruder Food Processor Machine

2020-07-15 16:08:54



Single Screw Extruder Food Processing Machine can process automatically and continuously a great variety of flours and cereal/potato starches, both mixed and in pure state. single screw extruder machine manufacturer also can choose equipped with dosers for solid and liquid ingredients, high speed pre-mixer, mixing tank, extrusion group composed of motor with variable speed, gear box and thrust bearing group.

Forced feeding screw, modular type cooking screw with interchangeable shear locks, segmented barrel with independent thermo regulation.

Single Screw Extruder Food Processor Machine Machine Advantages :

1, Screw and barrel is nitrided by 72 hours. 38 chromium materials, it is very hard.

2, Motor with CE standard, more than 10 years life.

3, Hard surface gearbox, the life can be more than 5 years.

4, Electric parts is CHINT, the best supplier in China.

5, The screen changer is by electric controlling, you can choose hydraulic controlling.

6, Water tank is stainless.