Microwave Thawing Equipment For Chicken

2020-07-11 13:32:46


It is sweet and warm in nature and contains protein, fat, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A, vitamin C, cholesterol, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other components.
The traditional thawing method of water thawing, natural slow thawing, low temperature and high humidity has many disadvantages: slow speed, high rate of meat loss, fading of surface color, and sewage production, which obviously runs counter to the current production method of high efficiency and low pollution.
Anyang customers have a large quantity of 20kg frozen chicken products (mainly chicken legs and breast meat), (before thawing with water, 15 ℃ water), which are separately packed into sealed bags, it takes about 72 hours for the water to thaw, and the temperature in chifeng is relatively low, which makes it more difficult to build a large-scale thawing pool, which wastes water resources due to the heavy workload.
The customer found us and sought for a microwave defrosting scheme. The experiment was carried out with a 25KW 915HZ microwave defrosting equipment. The whole box of chicken legs was put into the box, and the magnetic field current was gradually adjusted by 2.4A, The filament current is 6.2A, the transmission is 4HZ, the microwave thaws for 5min, the needle thermometer is used to insert into the chicken, the display temperature is - 1.7℃, the surface color is the same as the fresh one, no liquid flows out, the skin is cut, the internal and external colors are the same. Cover the thawed meat with a towel, place it under normal temperature and backlight for 5 hours, no liquid will flow out, split the meat, and the internal color is fresh and tender. The customer was very satisfied.
According to the customer's demand of 500kg per hour, we recommend 25kW defrosting equipment to the customer. The production cycle is 20 days. After unfreezing, the customer just wants to be able to separate easily and then conduct small packaging, so - 4 ℃ can be satisfied.
Compared with the traditional 2450MHz Microwave, 915MHz microwave has the characteristics of long wavelength, large penetration and slow temperature rise, which is very suitable for thawing frozen products. After thawing, the meat loss rate is low, the color is good, the thawing speed is fast, the operation is convenient, there is no sewage discharge, and the floor area is small.
People have misunderstandings about frozen meat (they think that frozen meat tastes bad and nutrients are lost). In fact, it's unnecessary to worry about it. After the meat is cut, it can be frozen completely in 6-8 hours. Using 915MHZ microwave to thaw quickly can ensure meat taste to a great extent, no loss of nutrients, and all indicators are the same as fresh chicken.
The main characteristics of microwave defrosting are as follows:
1. Microwave chicken thawing equipment has the advantages of fast thawing speed and high efficiency. Because microwave can heat directly inside the material, no conduction process is needed. It takes only 2 minutes for a 20kg box of meat to rise from - 15 ° C to - 4 ° C, which means that the thawing time changes from "hour" to "minute".
2. Microwave chicken thawing equipment saves investment, environmental protection and pollution-free, saves a large number of shelves and floor space required for natural thawing, can be thawed in the packaging, reduces the requirements for the health environment, and avoids the waste of water resources during the water thawing. However, the oily sewage formed after water thawing increases the burden of sewage treatment and causes the loss of oil substances.
3. Microwave thawing equipment for chicken can ensure the nutrition of the material without corruption. Because microwave thawing is a cold storage process, it can avoid the large number of bacteria and the exudation of material thawing fluid, and reduce the rate of meat damage. In the microwave defrosting process, 915MHZ has longer wavelength than 2450MHZ, and its penetration ability is stronger. It is more suitable for processing large food materials, and the frequency is more suitable for the defrosting process. 915MHZ microwave thawing is also suitable for thawing beef, mutton, pork and aquatic products.