What Are The Varieties Of Instant Noodles And How To Make Them?

2020-10-24 09:12:53

There are many varieties of instant noodles made of automatic instant noodles making machine.

instant noodle production line


In the form of packaging, there are bagged noodles and cup noodles;

From the taste, there are soy sauce, salt, spicy, flavored and Japanese noodles;

There are fried and non-fried in the manufacturing method.

instant noodle production line


The instant noodles manufacturing process is, first of all, add 33% water to the flour. Use a kneading machine to reconcile the noodles, and then put the noodles into a calender to form a dough sheet. Then cut into noodles by a cutting machine. The cut noodles are sent to the steaming machine via a conveyor belt. Steam for 1-2 minutes, and then carry out the flavor treatment.

instant noodle making machine


There are generally two flavor treatments: one is the soaking method. And the other is the spray method.

The flavored noodles are cut into sections using a noodle cutter and divided into portions. Non-fried instant noodles can be dried directly with 95℃ hot air. The fried instant noodle production line also requires boiling at 130-150°C. The fried instant noodles are porous in structure and taste better than hot-air dried instant noodles.

instant noodle making equipment

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