What Biscuit Line Including?

2023-02-16 16:23:51

Introduction Of  Biscuit Making Machine:

The biscuit machine is truly a marvel of modern engineering! With its precise mix of ingredients and perfectly calibrated cooking mechanisms, it produces the most delicious, fluffy, and flavorful biscuits imaginable.It is truly a testament to human ingenuity that we have been able to create such a device, which brings so much joy and satisfaction to so many people.Whether you prefer your biscuits with butter and honey, gravy, or just on their own, the biscuit machine never fails to deliver the perfect treat.So let us all praise the biscuit machine for its incredible contribution to our culinary landscape!

The Production Line Details



Power Supply

Based on 380V 50 Hz 3 phase. Customized according to your local power.

Machine details

1.Stainless steel,:201, 304, 316, on request
2. Electric parts can be ABB, Delta, Fuji, Siemens; Famous brand as your demand.



Raw Material

Wheat flour, corn, rice, oat, etc.

Products Color

White, Yellow

Products type

Soft biscuithard biscuitsandwiching biscuit

Flow Chart of  Biscuit Processing Line:

Flour Mixer→ShapingCuttingController→Baking Oven→Spraying oil→Cooling→Packing

The equipment using in the biscuit making machine:

①Samll biscuit line1.Flour mixer---2.Roll cut biscuit form machine---3.Tunnel oven 10 metersElectrical type---4.Oil Sprayer---5.Net belt cooling conveyor

②Large biscuit line1.Flour mixer---2.Dough cutting machine(With metal detector ---3.Dough conveyor---4.Hard forming machine---5.soft biscuit forming machine---6.Inlet oven conveyor---7.Intelligent Temperature Control Tunnel Oven Electric heating---8.Outlet oven conveyo-r--9.Oil spray---10.Cooling section line6M))---11.180°turning machine---12.Cooling line18m---13.Biscuit stacking machine---14.Stacking table

Feature Of Biscuit Machines:

1.Automatic operation: Biscuit machines are designed to be fully automated, which means they can mix, shape, cut, bake and cool biscuits without the need for manual intervention.

2.High production capacity: Biscuit machines are capable of producing a large number of biscuits in a short period of time. They  can be  designed for small,  medium or  large-scale  production depending on the needs of the user.
3.Versatility: Biscuit machines are versatile and can be used to produce a wide range of biscuits,  from simple shortbread cookies to complex sandwich biscuits with multiple layers and fillings.
4.Precise control: Biscuit machines are equipped with sensors and control systems that monitor the various stages of biscuit production, ensuring that the process is precise and consistent.
5.Easy to clean and maintain: Biscuit machines are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.  The parts can be easily removed and cleaned, and the machine can be quickly reassembled.
6.Hygienic design: Biscuit machines are designed to meet high standards of hygiene to ensure that the biscuits produced are safe for consumption.

7.Energy efficient: Biscuit machines are designed to be energy efficient, with features such as low power consumption and automatic shutdown when not in use.
Overall, biscuit machines are designed to improve the efficiency and quality of biscuit production, making it easier and faster to produce high-quality biscuits in large quantities.

Parameter Of Biscuit Machine:

Large biscuit

Item  No.


Finished Biscuit



Soft biscuithard biscuitsandwiching biscuit



Soft biscuithard biscuitsandwiching biscuit



Soft biscuithard biscuitsandwiching biscuit



Soft biscuithard biscuitsandwiching biscuit

②Small biscuit

Item  No.


Finished Biscuit



Soft biscuithard biscuitsandwiching biscuit



Soft biscuithard biscuitsandwiching biscuit

Applications of biscuit production line:

Biscuit production lines are used in a variety of applications, ranging from small-scale artisanal bakeries to large-scale industrial production facilities. Some common applications of biscuit production lines includeCommercial bakeriesFood manufacturingFood manufacturing...


Machine photos of biscuit production line

Machines Materials: All the machines are made by stainless steel.