Case study of Automatic banana Chips Fryer Machine

2020-08-19 15:56:05

The Automatic banana Chips Fryer Machine is developed on the basis of absorbing the essence of similar automatic fried food fryer machine and integrating the advantages of similar industrial chip fryer. In addition, based on previous customer feedback, chips frying machine technology of the entire automatic fryer has been greatly improved, and the application range is no longer limited to potato chips and nuts, but also in fried snacks, various nuts and meats, fish frying various nuts , peanuts, beans, chicken,  snacks chips, french fires, various nuts and meats, seafood, now the equipment has been well received by customers. 

Automatic banana Chips Fryer Machine

The main features of fruit and vegetable chips frying machine:

  1. Continuous fryer belt is made of stainless steel 304
  2. Automatic fried food fryer machine lifting system can be designed into screw lifting device
  3. Electrical chips snack food fryer machine's electrical parts are International general brands.
  4. PLC control system can be choosen
  5. LPG/Natural Gas/Electric/Diesel can be choosen
  6. There is a automatic temperature control system,when it is anomaly temperature,the safeguard will work and give a alarm
  7. Electricity leaking protector is equipped.Automatic banana Chips Fryer Machine (2)Several customers from Nigeria came to our factory and expressed satisfaction after visiting our the frying machine. They initially purchased a small-volume fully automatic continuous fryer. If the results are good, they will repurchase our automatic deep fryer commercial type. We also provide thoughtful service, so that every customer can cherish hope and return with joy.Our factory has always been a professional manufacturer in this field and a leader in advanced and efficient fully automatic frying machinery in the world. Our main products are continuous frying machine, batch frying machine, etc. After years of exploration and research, our frying has been widely used to produce the following products: snack foods, potato chips, nuts, vegetables, meat, seafood, nuts and so on.We have multiple frying production lines to choose from, and we can also provide customized services for special requirements. According to customers' special requirements for products, we can be equipped with different configuration lines. Please let us know your raw materials and target products, and then we will provide you with the most reasonable solution.