Top 7 Classic Questions About Covid-19 And Microwave Sterilization Equipment

2020-09-16 09:48:07

Microwave Sterilization Equipment is effective against COVID-19 virus,microwave sterilization time is short and the efficiency is high.It has been widely used in anti-epidemic work, providing an important guarantee for active anti-epidemic.

New coronary pneumonia (COVID-19) is a new type of coronavirus that has not previously been found in humans. Since it was discovered in Wuhan, China in December 2019, it has spread to 114 countries with more than 120,000 confirmed cases worldwide. Economy, culture, politics, etc. have all had an impact. So far, WHO has declared that the epidemic is a global pandemic.

The new type of coronavirus that caused this pneumonia epidemic is an enveloped virus that is extremely contagious. During the year-long anti-epidemic process, how to prevent the COVID-19 virus? How to completely eliminate the COVID-19 virus? Waiting for questions, the researchers gave answers to the following classic questions to help you better understand the COVID-19 virus.

1.Can Covid-19 Spread Through Food?

The Chinese seafood market has been the place where the epidemic broke out one after another. Whether the virus is spread through food has become a major concern of all countries. Experts from the Institute of Virology of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that seafood itself does not carry the virus, but it is in the process of transportation and sale. , Will be contaminated by virus carriers.

Although the COVID-19 virus is not spread through food, it may spread through food packaging. Therefore, when buying food, choose a market with formal and complete disinfection measures. Regarding the outer packaging of food, disinfection and sterilization work should be done in advance. The cutting boards and knives for handling raw and cooked food should be separated and hands should be washed in time. As long as the meat is thoroughly cooked or industrial microwave sterilized during the food preparation process, it is safe to eat.

2.Can You Contract The Coronavirus Disease By Touching a Surface?

The surface of the contact object can transmit the new coronavirus. The transmission of the new coronavirus includes droplet transmission and contact transmission.
Secondly, contact transmission means that after touching an object carrying the virus, you must wear a mask when you go out during extraordinary times. After entering the mall market, you must disinfect your hands and the surface of clothing. Therefore, for the safety of yourself and others, you must contact others. Keep your distance and pay attention to hygiene and safety. For body surface disinfection, alcohol disinfectants can be used, and object disinfection can be sprayed with disinfectant, which can effectively prevent new coronavirus infection.
However, not all contacts will be infected with the virus. Taking safe protective measures is the key to preventing infection with the new crown virus.

The new coronavirus has been detected on the outer packaging of food

3.Can A Microwave Kill The Coronavirus?

Full automatic microwaves can kill the new coronavirus. After the outbreak began, a large number of researchers around the world have developed effective methods to kill the new coronavirus. Microwave sterilization has achieved preliminary results in the research of eliminating COVID-19 virus.

Automatic microwave sterilization is the result of the combined effect of microwave heating and biological effects. Microwave equipment can make the virus grow normally and stably reproduce the nucleic acid RNA and deoxyribonucleic acid DNA. It is caused by the relaxation, breakage and recombination of several hydrogen bonds, thereby inducing genetic mutation, or chromosome aberration or even breakage, which is very good for killing the new coronavirus effect.

Ordinary sterilization methods require tens of minutes at a high temperature of 120-130 degrees, while microwave sterilization can be effective in only 3 minutes at 80-100 degrees, and the rising temperature can be as high as 140 degrees, so it is one This is a very effective way to eliminate the COVID-19 virus.

4. Is Microwave Sterilization Equipment Effective Against Covid-19 Virus?

Microwave Sterilization Equipment is effective against COVID-19 virus. The new coronavirus is a kind of enveloped virus. High temperature is not conducive to the survival of the virus. Microwave sterilization equipment uses heat sterilization to eliminate the virus.

In 2003, the World Health Organization conducted a study and found that the SARS virus (coronavirus) can be inactivated by heating. 15 minutes at 56 degrees Celsius (132 degrees Fahrenheit) can reduce live viruses by 10,000 times3. The higher the temperature, the faster the process. This study just confirmed that microwave equipment can be sterilized by high temperature.

Affected by the epidemic, masks, gloves, protective clothing, etc. used for medical protection must undergo rigorous disinfection and sterilization. Microwave sterilization equipment can change the permeability of cell membranes. As a result, bacteria are malnourished, cannot metabolize normally, and their growth and development are hindered. , To achieve complete sterilization.
In addition, Microwave Sterilization Equipment can also sterilize reusable items.

Microwave sterilization equipment

5.Does Microwaving Masks Disinfect Viruses?

High quality microwave can sterilize masks. After the epidemic began, all equipment used for medical protection was sterilized and sterilized by microwave sterilization equipment. Microwave sterilization was achieved by high temperature sterilization.

Of course, when sterilizing medical equipment such as masks and protective clothing, professional industrial microwave sterilization equipment is required for sterilization. Although household microwave ovens also have certain sterilization and anti-virus effects. Microwave ovens are not professional equipment for sterilization of masks. The heating of microwave ovens will destroy the protective structure inside the masks. Which greatly reduces the effectiveness of protection against the new crown virus, and there are certain safety risks. Therefore, it is not recommended to use household microwave ovens to disinfect masks.

Protective clothing and Masks sterilized by microwave sterilization equipment

6.Should I Microwave My Mail?

Although household microwave ovens can kill the COVID-19 virus, paper products such as mail cannot be put into the microwave oven. The energy density of the microwave is large enough to allow the temperature of the paper to rise above the ignition point. Putting flammable paper mail in a microwave oven for heating and baking will cause a fire, so never use a microwave to sterilize the mail.

Canadian infectious disease expert Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti pointed out that the vast majority of people are infected with the COVID-19 virus through the respiratory system. If an infected person sneezes into your email, touches your mouth or nose after touching your hand, it is very likely to be infected. It is recommended that for mail that cannot be disinfected by professional microwave sterilization equipment, do not touch your face after opening the mail, and wash your hands immediately after reading it.

7. What Are The Advantages Of Microwave Sterilization Machine To Eliminate Covid-19 Virus?

The microwave sterilization time is short and the efficiency is high.
Microwave sterilization is the result of the combined effect of microwave heating and biological effects. During the epidemic, the medical equipment required for sterilization has greatly increased, and all need to pass rigorous sterilization treatment. The microwave sterilization equipment has a fast sterilization speed. It improves the sterilization quality and provides convenience for medical protection.

Low-temperature drying and sterilization to maintain nutrients.
Although the food itself does not carry the new coronavirus, the risk of contracting the new coronavirus from food is very low, but recently China has detected the presence of the new coronavirus on the outer packaging of imported seafood. Therefore, all imported and exported foods in China are now strictly sterilized through microwave sterilization equipment.

Microwave has the double sterilization effect of rapid heating with thermal effect and non-thermal effect. The sterilization can obtain the required drying and sterilization effects at a relatively low temperature and a short time. It retains food nutrients and flavors such as color, fragrance, taste and shape.

Energy saving.
During the epidemic, all sectors of society are affected by the epidemic, and we should pay more attention to the application of energy. When the microwave sterilization equipment is working, the microwave directly treats the food, and the heating box itself is not heated, so there is no additional heat loss, which saves energy and electricity. Generally, 30-50% of electricity can be saved.

Sterilize evenly and thoroughly.
Microwave has the penetrating performance, the surface and the inside work at the same time, which can ensure that the internal and external temperatures reach the required value together, so the drying and sterilization of food and medical equipment are uniform and thorough.

Easy to control and easy to realize automated production.
Microwave sterilization equipment is simple to operate, easy to control, has no thermal inertia, and can be processed according to different food process specifications, reducing production operators and reducing production costs during the anti-epidemic period.

This epidemic is an unprecedented test for the entire industry in the global society. Countries around the world are constantly taking preventive measures. After the research on microwave sterilization has achieved remarkable results, it has been widely used in anti-epidemic work, providing an important guarantee for active anti-epidemic.

At the same time, microwave sterilization equipment not only sterilizes food, commodities, medical equipment, etc., but also sterilizes easily contaminated laboratory tests and all corner equipment in the hospital. It can help to some extent the epidemic caused by the new crown virus and is now eliminated. The most trusted objective method for COVID-19!