What Is The Meaning Of Edible Rice Straws?

2021-04-12 10:10:21

Environmental protection and energy conservation are now being promoted all over the world. Especially for the little things around you, like turning on and off lights, turning on and off water, unplugging unused electrical appliances, and so on. Basically, it can help us to better save energy and reduce emissions. The copy paper used in the office can be used on both sides to protect more forests. Global warming has caused fewer and fewer available resources. These are all caused by our overuse.

edible rice straw production line


As the most commonly used in daily life, the straw, how can it be changed?

Whether in developed or developing countries, straws are important products. In recent years, the food service packaging industry has developed rapidly. While bringing convenience to people's lives, more and more plastic straws and similar products that are discarded at will begin to burden the environment. The edible rice straw gradually shows its advantages due to its recyclability. The rice straw can drink water, beverages, milk tea, coffee, sand ice and other liquids. Can be used as decorations in cakes, PARTY, home and so on. It can be used as a splicing material for DIY toys. Plastic straws can be used, as well as edible rice straws. And it is more environmentally friendly.

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According to statistics from Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Agency, the average Taiwanese use 3 billion plastic straws a year. In order to end plastic pollution, the Environmental Protection Agency has announced that from July next year, public departments, public and private schools, department stores, shopping malls, and chain stores Food shops and other four categories of objects are not allowed to provide disposable plastic straws for internal users, and comprehensively restrict disposable plastic straws according to the stage until 2030.

edible straw production line


Among the environmentally friendly straws of various materials, edible rice straws have become the first choice of most stores because they are easy to use and can be recycled and decomposed.

A good straw needs a professional production equipment to be able to produce it. A good quality product requires not only mature processing technology, but also a professional edible rice straw equipment to produce a large number of beneficial straw products for everyone.